Below is a post i came across a long time ago and thought it closely reflected my views on chopping/deal making.

A chop is no big deal…

Issues that come to mind with taking a chop ( or a deal ) with the money at final table.

  • Have you been playing for a long time? ( 4hrs 12 hrs 15 hours)
  • Are the other players better than you?
  • Is the payout schedule so flat it makes no difference? ( $320 for 1st, $300, $280, $260, $240 )
  • Is there a disparity, in the payout, ( sympathy for the bubble )?
  • (1st move on to next level, or satellite ticket free entry, 2nd same ticket, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th, same ticket worth $500, 7th gets $450, no ticket ) so everyone agrees to pitch in $10 so all get same prize,
  • Is the next step a large step, 1st $100,000 second $40,000,
  • are you worth 60k heads up, or would you rather, say play for $75 guaranteed and the winner gets 10k more plus the title. ( I dare you NOT to take the chop with me )
  • Are the blinds HUGE, if you have 40k in chips and I have 38k in chips and the blinds are 10k 20k, and we just knocked out number 3.

In big tournaments, I have rarely NOT seen a chop, if the proze money is over 100k, often people will make a deal,
second most commonly is if it is going slow, and all evenly chipped, and many hours ,
most pros chop, off screen, agree to a flatter payout, rarely total equity, then come back and playout fast and wild,
If you wont take the chop, be warned, you will be teamed up against.
It is a friendly gesture, to say good play got us all here, lets remove some of the luck so we all have a nice payday rather than someone gets shortchanged,
I would say 60% of tourneys gets chopped, to some degree.
Maybe first gets his money and 2,3,4 chop it out,
It really is a non issue, as I find it is only used to speed up play, avoid luck, and to be friendly,

Dont take a chop if you dont like it.
If all ten people at final table agree, and are evenly chopped except maybe one monster leader say, 60% of chips in play, and you all say, lets take a chop, we get the payout equal to 4.5position ( between 4 and 5 ) and leader takes a small cut to still get first, why not.

Look, the blinds are big, so there is luck or not, so there is hours to go, are you THAT much better, can you beat all 9 others reliably? even the guy with 10x you stack? he gets a GUARANTEED win and $2000 rather than $2190 and you get $850, rather than $56 if your AA gets cracked and you go out 10th NEXT HAND!
you all did well to get to final table, you just wasted 5 hours of your cash game life,
take the money and run, it is a goods days work,

If like me and other semi pros and many pros it is a job ( or a paying hobby )
with 2 tournaments a day, take the chop and be done with it.

big dogs win

My first chop, was down to four handed, with 3 payouts,
chip leader had half the chips, second and third had 20-15% each, I had 5-7% of chips
those three were best of friends, and they offered me, a chop of 25% straight up,
( I could only affoed 3 more hands ) duh, I took the deal,
later I find out, they are national champs and make a few hundred k each year,
They did it to be kind, and to go out drinking, ( save time )

Only take chops that benefit you, you should be getting something, either a big jump in payout position, a big savings in time or a guarantee you wouldnt likely get.

Say you are shortest stack, with only 80% of the BB so you can only play one hand,
and you ( 10th ) gets $85, but they offer $150 to chop, yes you COULD win this, but is this a rare occasion for you, wont you play poker ever again?
Heads up play is ALL I do, I get lots of it,
You can never have too much money.

Now I have typed this crap , I regret it,
this is a non issue,
Live life, dont read it,

Chopping up the prize money different than the organizer is no big deal.
It is just adjusting for the situation.
A good event will be organized so that you dont want to chop.
say $30 second $50 first,,, why chop, the moey is a joke, enjoy the cards or luck or whatever it may be, ( unless it is a home game and 12 people are waiting for you to end it, so they can all get back to playing )
Chops are for short stacks and people who play all the time,
The final table play IS what tournaments are all about.[/QUOTE]


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