Vegas Trip Report Mar28-31

I went to Vegas last weekend with my fiance to plan our wedding. I knew i wouldnt be playing a lot but I did get in a tourney and 2 cash sessions. We arrived at Treasure Island on Sat the 28th and we were just in time to check out the Dream Team poker tourney at Caesars. I was interested in seeing this event as it may be the next thing in poker and there was a lot of pros and celebrities there to watch play.

dream team poker

I did see a lot of pros and celebrities including Jaime Gold, TJ Cloutier, Jerry Yang, Dennis Phillips, Tiffany Micheal, Shannon Elizabeth, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Mattasouw, Jerry Buss, Mark Seif, Jeff Madsen, Teddy “Iceman” Monroe, and more…

We watched that for a while but then went to the sports book to drink and watch the end of the UCONN game. Then we went to see Love at the Mirage.

Sunday my fiance decided to go to the spa and i was going to play in a tourney. I was going to make the treck from TI to Caesars but decided to play in the TI tourney since it had a shorter structure and was thinking a softer game as well.

It had 37 players and was going to pay the top 3. I got off to a good start picking up a few big hands but not getting any action. we made it to the final 2 tables and i had the chip average. the blinds made a big jump from 300/600 to 500/1000 and I knew i needed to make a run. Thw player to my left had come over with a monster stack but he didnt seem like he knew what he was doing. I saw him call off alot of those chips in bad spots. i am the BB and he(UTG) limps in for 1K and is called by the button and the SB I look down at AQs and I ship in my last 4k UTG calls everyone else folds. He shows KTo but he gets there when the flop is KKQ and i am drawing slim and dead when a blank rolls off on the turn.
I decide to play some 1/3 NL as they are opening a new game. I buy in for $120 and 4 hands I get KK on the button and I open raise to $12 sb folds and BB makes it $24 I reraise to $50 and he ships for $100 and I call. he of course has AA and i lose my 1st buy in. I rebuy and about 10 hands later I get 78s on the button and limp behind a mp limper. flop is 3h5d6s BB bets $10 and I call. Turn is a 9d giving me the nuts. BB checks I bet $30 and he calls. River is Jd and BB checks i bet $50 and he calls with Td4d for a flush. I decide to buy in one more time I reraise with AQ to $12 and get reraised by a $40 short stack in the BB so I call the extra 28 and he shows KK and wins. I decide I am running bad and cash out to play another day. I hit Margaritaville to drown my sorrows.

I don’t play again until Monday night at around midnight and when I buy in to a 8 handed game 2 players cash out so I am at a 6 handed game now. I get a QQ on the button and raise to $12 and get called by the BB. Flop is 775 2 hearts Bb leads for $20 and I call. Turn is Th and he ships for $60 i think for a whille and call. River is a 7 he shows JJ and I finally win a pot. I pick on a short stack at the table and play a little looser to get from $120 to around $320. Then 4 dealers roll in and a local named LasVegas Micheal.
ti poker
I get in a pot where i flop top 2 and lose to a turned set. then I get KK slow play and get beat by a flush. I am down to $120. I limp on the Button with 6h8h the flop comes JhTh7s. UTG checks MP bets $20 I call with my flush and straight draw. UTG check raises to $120 MP is all in for $100 I decide I have outs and call getting 3-1. Turn is a heart and i beat his flopped straight. the very next hand it is folded to me in the CO with 5c6c and i raise to $10 BB calls. flop is 8d5d6d BB chcks I bet $20 he calls turn is Qs he checks I bet $40 he ships another $100 all in I call river is a 6 giving me a boat and beating his flopped flush. that broke the game and i decide to call it a night up $350 for the session all coming on the last 2 hands of the night and my trip.

saw a few Shows, checked out some wedding venues, ate some good food, went downtown, saw a big live tourney , played some poker and won some money…Not a bad trip


Vegas Poker Aug 07

I sit down in a $1/$2 at the nugget at around 10pm I buy gin for $200 and start at a short handed table. I get TT in middle position with 1 limper so I make it $10 and get 2 callers. the flop is 973 rainbow so i bet $20 button goes all in for $60 limper cold calls and I make the call. Turn is a 4 and the out of position player goes all in for $200. I fold he shows 73 for 2 pair and the all in player shows AA and loses. keep slow playing AA.
I am now down to 130 but the table is now full and I am under the gun with AhAc. I make it $7 4 people call then the button makes it $40 I move all in for $130 and he auto calls the last $90 and flips over JsJc. The flop is A high with 3 spades turn is of course a spade followed by a river spade.
So i rebuy for $200. a few hands later i pick up KsQd in early position so I try to limp for $2 it is then raised by a middle position player to $15 who is called by 4 players so I call. in my head I am thinking JT9…JT9…JT9 so the flop comes JhTh9d I bet $40 hoping the preflop raiser to my left will pop it she just calls so do 2 more players then the guy who cracked my aces goes all in for $100 I go all in for $150 2 callers then the massive chip leader goes all in for like $500. the other person who is not all in yet thinks while the dealer makes 4 side pots. I want her to fold since she has already called my all in. she ends up calling and i shout i have the nuts black cards don’t pair the board/ the turn is a 7c and the river is a 3c and I win a monster $750 pot against Q8 83 99 and unknown.

Know I have a monster stack so I figure I can roll over the table…no way these guys are not going anywhere so i need a hand. The $4 straddle is on and I get KK in middle position 1 limper then a raise to $16 1 caller so i re raise to $50. 3 callers all out of position (including the raiser) flop nis A33 the first two players check then the raiser goes all in for $120 i think for a second and then fold. the BB calls and shows 88 the raiser shows 99. the turn is then a K. wow why does that A hit if the flop is a K or lower i get both thier stacks.
A few hands later the straddle is still on I get AhQh in the cutoff 3 limper’s at $4 so i make it $25 and get 3 callers. it is checked to me on a flop of Kh9h3s so I bet $75 2 callers. turn is a blank I think about semi bluffing but i am sure i will get called so i check behind. river is a blank and the BB bets out $100 so I fold.
I still cash out up $200 but if i win those 2 hands I leave up $1000. but the 1am tourney is calling me.
I sit in the $100 tourney with Primo to my left and Henry to my right we start with 5000 in chips and 20 min levels starting at 25-50. we get a tourney of 16 players and we get down to 4 handed and i guess the cream does rise to the top because all there of us are there. We are all the low stacks but after we all double through the chip leader Primo takes him out. I say “lets put it all on 1st” but the next hand we chop $430 each.