TKE House Fundraiser 3

I visited my Alma mater Sam Houston State last weekend for my fraternity annual Big Bamboo Bash Party. The party was on Friday night and had planned a poker tournament fundraiser for Saturday. The best time would be in the late afternoon but we had to reschedule around the NFL Draft that was going to start at 3pm and run all day. We decided to start at 12:30pm and make it a turbo that would end around 3pm.


Well the party was fun and of course with late night drinking comes hangovers. We also had a 10am meeting saturday morning that ran late so with the combination of that, an early start and the draft the tournament was cut from 2 tables to 5 players.

The Players were J.D. , Chavo, Padilla, Flounder and myself. We started with 2500 in chips with 15min blinds of 25/50 and rebuys for the 1st 3 levels. We also decided to play winner takes all. Padilla was getting lunch so he was being blinded out but that didn’t stop the rest of us from getting in some big hands. Chavo and flounder were involved in a big hand with a board of 73Q Flounder shows KQ and Chavo shows a set of 7s that hold up for the win and Flounder has to rebuy.  A few hands later JD limps in from UTG and it is folded to me in the BB and I look at AA and raise JD min raises me and then i make a 3rd raise and JD calls. the flop is all low cards and I shove and JD calls for less and shows KK. I win and JD is forced to rebuy. We get to the break and everyone adds on for 4ooo in chips.

Now the blinds are at 200/400 and the chip average is 7500. with the blinds being high people started to get involved in big pots right away. Padilla made a move from the SB with Q9 when the flop came all low cards but Flounder called with AK high and eliminated Padilla. a few hands later Chavo raised with a weak Ace Preflop and was called by JD. Chavo pushed when an Ace hit the board but JD called with a better kicker and Chavo was out next. Chavo blames his performance on the draft starting at 3pm even though he went out around 2pm.


Now 3 handed i had about 15-20% of the chips in play so I pushed whenever i picked up an A or saw a flop and hit or had a draw. I ended up building up to about 12000 after a few all ins vs JD.  JD hit Flounder for a big pot when his AK beat Flounders QQ and a few hands later  Flounder was gone.

Heads up I was down 4-1 in chips i got it to about even when the blinds were at 1500/3000. JD raised from the BB to 6k I reraised all in from the BB for 9k more.  I showed AK and JD had QT, whoever won this hand was going to win the tourney and I was a 3/2 favorite but when the flop came down J98 i was pretty much drawing dead. JD took the pot and won the tourney.

With the blind structure and payout I had to play the way I did and being hungover and tired I think i played well.


East Coast Trip Report

I went home to Connecticut for the holidays with a quick stopoff at Atlantic city with my Mom and my Fianace. They dont play poker but I got in a few $65 tourneys at Showboat and the Taj. I dont have much to write as I was card dead and went out a few hours in all tourneys. I finished 40/90 25/50 and 25/55  going out AIPF with my AQ vs AA, My KK vs 99 and my JJ vs A9. Had a small losing session at $1/$2  at Showboat before breakfast then went to Borgotta and made it back plus a buy in before dinner.

Drove back to CT that night and celibrated Christmas with my family. The next day I took my Grandparents to Mohegan Sun. I playued $1/2 for about an hour lost half my stack and decided to play some $4/$8 Omah H/L but the game was 4 handed and real tight so I lost about $50 and decided to play a SNG. I got it down to 4 handed and then shipped it with JJ vs Ah3h and he rivered a flush. I decided to find my grandparents and call it a night.

The Last night I was in town (News Year Eve) I went to Foxwoods to grind out some $1/$2. I went busto on top 2 vs a flopped flush and I had to rebuy. I ran my rebuy up and cashed out up $150 for the night.

All and all I was down about $300 for the trip not the best turnout but I played a lot of cards at a lot of casinos.

Foxwoods Lock In

So it is my last night in CT, I have a 10am flight in Providence and my mom works 9pm-5am at Foxwoods. So instead of her driving an hour home then 2 hours back in the morning I decide to go to work with her the go to the airport when she gets off. I walk around the poker room for a while deciding what to play.

I am usually good at SNG’s and they only run till 10pm so i decide to play in a $100+$20 before they shut them down for the night. I get started and fold every hand in the first 15 min level, in the second level i limp once with QsTs in LP  after a few limps and the BB goes all in for 1100 so I fold. I am down to around 1700 feom the starting stack of 2000 and we have lost 1 player. one player limps in EP i get JJ in MP and make it 400 and get 4 callers including the button who looks like he wanted to reraise me PF. the flop is 9h6h3s I bet 700 and I am called by the button who seams pained ove the call. the turn is 7s putting 2 flush draws on the board. I act 1st and push my last 700 in and he thinks for a while and calls. He shows KK and I lose another SNG in level 2.

I decide I have a lot of time to kill so I walk the casino replaying that hand and I wanted to check out the new MGM tower on the otherside of the Foxwoods complex. After my journey I decide I want to play some limit holdem and sign up for 4/8 I also add my name to the 4/8 Omaha h/l interest list. before I can get a LHE seat they call the Omaha game. I sit with $180 and I am a little nervous because I have never played Omaha in a casino just a few home games. I play a few too many hands early get low then i get involved in a few big pots that I scoop or split. The game also had a Half kill if the pots were over $80 and scooped but it was rare in this game. I end up ahead even though i ran into Quads near the end for a big pot and I tried to raise with AAQQ DS and missed the flop compleatly. I cashed out $250 when the game got 4 handed and broke. Not bad for my first live Omaha H/L session.

My mom got off work at 5am went to Mohegan Sun for Breakfast and watched my mom play a few slots before heading to the Airport.

CT or Bust

I recently went home to CT for my cousin Elena’s wedding and to visit with my family. I wasn’t going to fly in for the wedding so my mom was the only one who knew I was coming into town so I was going to surprise the rest of my family.

I also took this opportunity to check out the new poker room at the Mohegan Sun Casino. I arrived at the airport at 10am and was at the poker room by 11am. The location and layout of the room was real nice except for the spacing of tables (very close together). The room and staff are very new and you can tell. Over 90% of the dealers where slow and lacked confidence in what they were doing and the rules. Even though they were not that good yet they were very friendly and were not offended if you corrected them. I played about an hour of $1/$2 NL and decided to play a $75 SNG. I thought  they called my name for the SNG and left my  seat to cash out. I then realized that the sng was not full and I had to wait about an hour to play. I played some video poker in the slot area while i waited and won about $10 before my game was called.

I dont have much to write about the sng as i only lasted 30 minutes. At the 50/100 level I raised preflop in late position with AJ to 400 after a weak player limped and I got 3 callers along with the limper. I had  1700 to start the hand and everyone had me covered. the pot was over 1600 and the flop was J94 rainbow and  two players checked to me so i move all in for 1300. I get 2 callers and they check it down as the board comes rag rag. I table my AJ thinking i am good but no the limper had 44 for a flopped set and I am sent to the rail.

I join my mom in the pit and we proceed to run up $85 at the BJ table to $300. We then decide to play Roulette, Pi Gow, Caribbean stud, Big Raise holdem, and Three Card poker to leave empty handed. It was now 2am and time to head home. Like I said earlier i was going to surprise the rest of my family so I decided to get to let everyone sleep and wait till the morning.

The next morning I heard some people leave and I went downstairs to see my Grandmother at the kitchen table. She had to look twice but she was happy to see me and I think it was a great suprise for her.