Pre game poker…

We had 14 players for the Super Bowl eve poker tournament. Chavo went all out clearing out his garage and turning it into a poker room. He also rented a margarita machine and players chipped in for the food and drinks. The action started out fast as we had a rebuy at table one on the first hand! It settled down a bit but when we got to the break, we had 15 rebuys and 13 add-ons making the prize pool $840. After the break we quickly got down to 12 but were stuck at 2 tables for a while until 2 players went out on the same hand.

At the final table, we were all pretty even until boss went on a run and moved all in 3 hands in a row. the next hand with blinds 500/1000 Chavo raised to 3k boss went all in for 20k on the button Chavo called for less with KQ ,thinking Boss was full of it, but he had a real hand AK and Chavo was out. A few hands later on a board of 345 Ortego bet out flounder re-raised Ortego re-raised flounder went all in and Ortego snap called. Flounder showed A2 for the flopped wheel but Ortego had 67 for the flopped nut straight and flounder was crippled. A few hands later flounder was out and then we were down to 4 and at the money bubble. Morgan was the short stack but he would not go away at one point he was down to 2500 with blinds of 1000/2000 and he tripled up. Four handed lasted a few levels until Vinnie moved in on the button with 99 and was called by Ortegos 55 the 9s held up and Ortego was out on the bubble.

Three handed went a little faster as Morgan was still short and made a min raise all in from the sb with 33 and Vinnie called from the bb with 6h9h. The flop was Ks3cTh for a flopped set but Vinnie said all I need is runner runner hearts. The dealer (Britney) obliged by turning Qh Jh for the rivered flush and we were down to heads up. With almost even stacks and players ready to play cash Boss and Vinnie chopped the money.

We started a full cash game of $1/$1 no limit. Chavo started off winning every other hand and was up from $25 to $125 in a flash. But like Farve he could not finish as he ran into flounder who beat him in 2 huge pots. The 1st was a board of QQ3 Chavo had Q6 and flounder out kicked him with Q9 and a few hands later Chavo and flounder got into a pre flop raising war and firing back and forth and when the dust cleared they were both all in and Chavo’s QQ was dominated by Flounder’s KK. Chavo was busto and contemplated retirement from poker while crying in the Viking room.


Chavos Tourney Recap 9/12/09

Chavo ran another tournament on Saturday night. There was a scheduling issue and Chavo had to move his game up and give everyone short notice. Because of the short notice, there was a big group of players that had already planned another tournament and could not come. Even with that, we had 16 players to start the tourney and almost got up to 17. One of the players girlfriends said she was going to play but thought there would be more women. Not sure if she realized it but out of the 16 players and 4 were women. We set records last month with 17 players and a prize pool over $1,000 but with the short notice this time, we lacked the wild rebuy period. We still managed 13 rebuys (3 from Chavo) and 14 add-ons for a prize pool of $860.

After the break, three of the four ladies at my table decided to play a huge pot. Tiffany raised Britney and another lady in the SB called. The flop was AA7 and Tiffany bet again Britney called and so did the other lady. The turn was a 4 and Tiffany bet Britney went all in and the older lady called as well as Tiffany. The river was 4 making the board read AA744 and the lady in the SB went all in, was called and showed AQ for a full house. Britney showed pocket 7s for a flopped full house and Tiffany flipped over pocket 4s for quads to win the pot. Tiffany scooped a huge pot eliminated 2 players and began to jump up and down in celebration. After that pot Tiffany was the chip leader and used it effectively to eliminate a few players and coast into the final table.

wsop chips

At the final table, most of us were short stacks due to Tiffany having all the chips, we had a lot of all ins and calls. And we were quickly down to 5 players with Nick and Tiffany holding 80% of the chips. With blinds at 1000/2000 Nick had made it 4000 and Tiffany reraised to 9000 I had exactly 9000 and I was in the BB with AK I thought for a long time hoping they both had a pair I called and nick called. Nick had 99 and Tiffany had 88, the board ran out all low cards and a K and I won a big pot to stay alive. A few hands later, on the bubble, the big stacks collided and nick was all in with 99 vs Tiffany’s A7. The board ran out Q2JJQ to counterfeit Nick’s pair and give Tiffany a commanding chip lead.

Tiffany had about 100,000 and Phillip, Tammy, Padilla and I had about 20,000 each. I picked up a pair of 6s in the BB vs Tiffany’s J9 and won the race to double up. A few hands later, the blinds got very high and Padilla was forced all in and was out in 4th place. We were down to 3 the two ladies and my self. A two-on-one, A manage trios of pain…you usually have to pay double for that Cotton.

Three handed I was the chip leader and I picked up AA on the button and raised Tammy pushed all in from the SB with JJ and I called and Tammy was out in 3rd. Heads up lasted a a few hands but it all came to an end when Tiffany pushed with K9 and I called with AJ. She hit her K on the flop but I caught up with an Ace on the Turn the river was a blank and I won the tournament.

Chavos Tourney Recap

Primo came in from SA and he played while I worked Friday night. He ended upo coming in 4th and winning a little money. We left Houston at around 1am and headed towards Beaumont with some money in our pockets…

The tournament was set up and ready to go at 5pm and we actually got started at around 5:45pm. We had 12 players (2 tables of 6) and we decided to have a set dealer but have the big blind shuffle a 2nd deck to keep the game moving. We also implemented a new rebuy rule where you could rebuy as soon as long as you were below the starting stack. (used to be you had to be broke)

The action was fast from the get go at my table and we had  2 rebuys in the 1st 5 minutes. it setled down for a while then we had a hand where 3 players were all in andthe hands were AA 78 and AJ on a A3868 board and we had 2 more rebuys. after that we got within 2 minutes of the break and 1 player decided to move in blind till the break. he was called by Boss with a short stack and boss doubled up. At the break everyone added on and the all together we had 8 rebuys and 12 add ons.

after the break we quickly lost 2 at the 2nd table and were down to the final table. At the final table the short stacks started to move Jason moved in a few times and had no callers and was slowly staying alive. Boss was the 1st casualty when he made a move with a flush draw and ran into Tammys middle pair. 2 short stacks were eliminated in race situations and then Primo Doubled up another short stack when he lost a race on the river.


Primo and Charles saw a flop and on a board of Ts2d6dAd charles moved all in with a set of dueces and Primo called with the 2nd nut flush…But the board paired on the river and Primo was out in 7th and Charles was a monster chip leader…IMG00181

Boss and Primo got the side game going as the rest of us played on. Chavo strated to push as he got short but didn’t get any action until his  TT ran into Morgans QQ.  Jason tried to make a move with T8 but ran into a hand was out and we were down to 4 .

Charles had about 60K and Morgan, Tammy and I had 20K.  i started to pick up some hands and I doubled up with my AK vs Charles QT when the flop came down Q66 i thought I was done but the turn gave me the A and the pot.

Charles and Tammy got into a huge hand and Charles was crippled to less then a BB and was eliminated the next hand. down to 3 Moorgan pushed all in from the SB with AJ and I called in the BB with AK and Morgan was out in 3rd.

Tammy and I played heads up for about 30 minutes moving chips back and forth. I had a chip lead and she pushed for 3BB with 55 and I called with K7 and it was a race. I hit my 7 on the flop to win the hand and the tournament.

This was the 1st  time I had won this tournament (chopped 1st once and I have a 3rd)

I then headed over to the $1/$1 cash game where I watched Primo give money to Chavo and Boss. Jason won a bit earlier but he was cashing out when I sat down. we played cash till about 4am and I ended up 1 little but Chavo and Boss were big winners up $100+ each.