East Coast Trip Report

I went home to Connecticut for the holidays with a quick stopoff at Atlantic city with my Mom and my Fianace. They dont play poker but I got in a few $65 tourneys at Showboat and the Taj. I dont have much to write as I was card dead and went out a few hours in all tourneys. I finished 40/90 25/50 and 25/55  going out AIPF with my AQ vs AA, My KK vs 99 and my JJ vs A9. Had a small losing session at $1/$2  at Showboat before breakfast then went to Borgotta and made it back plus a buy in before dinner.

Drove back to CT that night and celibrated Christmas with my family. The next day I took my Grandparents to Mohegan Sun. I playued $1/2 for about an hour lost half my stack and decided to play some $4/$8 Omah H/L but the game was 4 handed and real tight so I lost about $50 and decided to play a SNG. I got it down to 4 handed and then shipped it with JJ vs Ah3h and he rivered a flush. I decided to find my grandparents and call it a night.

The Last night I was in town (News Year Eve) I went to Foxwoods to grind out some $1/$2. I went busto on top 2 vs a flopped flush and I had to rebuy. I ran my rebuy up and cashed out up $150 for the night.

All and all I was down about $300 for the trip not the best turnout but I played a lot of cards at a lot of casinos.


Foxwoods Lock In

So it is my last night in CT, I have a 10am flight in Providence and my mom works 9pm-5am at Foxwoods. So instead of her driving an hour home then 2 hours back in the morning I decide to go to work with her the go to the airport when she gets off. I walk around the poker room for a while deciding what to play.

I am usually good at SNG’s and they only run till 10pm so i decide to play in a $100+$20 before they shut them down for the night. I get started and fold every hand in the first 15 min level, in the second level i limp once with QsTs in LP  after a few limps and the BB goes all in for 1100 so I fold. I am down to around 1700 feom the starting stack of 2000 and we have lost 1 player. one player limps in EP i get JJ in MP and make it 400 and get 4 callers including the button who looks like he wanted to reraise me PF. the flop is 9h6h3s I bet 700 and I am called by the button who seams pained ove the call. the turn is 7s putting 2 flush draws on the board. I act 1st and push my last 700 in and he thinks for a while and calls. He shows KK and I lose another SNG in level 2.

I decide I have a lot of time to kill so I walk the casino replaying that hand and I wanted to check out the new MGM tower on the otherside of the Foxwoods complex. After my journey I decide I want to play some limit holdem and sign up for 4/8 I also add my name to the 4/8 Omaha h/l interest list. before I can get a LHE seat they call the Omaha game. I sit with $180 and I am a little nervous because I have never played Omaha in a casino just a few home games. I play a few too many hands early get low then i get involved in a few big pots that I scoop or split. The game also had a Half kill if the pots were over $80 and scooped but it was rare in this game. I end up ahead even though i ran into Quads near the end for a big pot and I tried to raise with AAQQ DS and missed the flop compleatly. I cashed out $250 when the game got 4 handed and broke. Not bad for my first live Omaha H/L session.

My mom got off work at 5am went to Mohegan Sun for Breakfast and watched my mom play a few slots before heading to the Airport.

No Set No Bet

I have been in CT for a few days with my family and I decided i need a night out. My Mother and  Grandmother were headed to Bingo (not my idea of fun) So i called up my friend Tom and asked what he wanted to do? I suggested The Bar, Casino,  or chill and drink at someones house. He said that he wanted to check out the new Mohegan Sun Poker room ….who am i to say no…LOL.

We get there around 11pm after a heated political disusion on the ride up there. We get on the list and after a short wait we both get $1/$2 NL seats at different tables. I buy in for $120 (60 BB) I like to buy in for  this amount because I can easily get it all in with big pairs and I can still see some cheep flops with pairs and suited connectors in LP. My table is wild and I see room to make money but when a seat opens up at Toms table I decide to move so we can play at the same table.

I get there and about 10 hands later I pick up KK in the SB a player in MP opens for $10 everyone folds to me and I make it $30 he goes all in for his last $60 and I snap call. He shows JJ and my KK holds up. I am now a little over $180.

About an hour later I get pocket 5s on the button in a multiway pot and I call the $2 the pot is $12 and the flop is Kc8c5c checked to me so i bet $10 EP player min raises to $20 and a MP player cold calls the $20 I decide to call the $10 and see what the turn brings. The turn is a 2c putting 4 clubs on the board the EP check raiser leads out for $15 the MP player looks like she wants to raise but just calls the $15. The pot is now over $100 and it costs me $15 to try to boat up. So i am getting 7/1 on the call and I have a 4/1 chance to hit my hand so I call. The river is a K the ep player checks the MP player goes all in for $30 and I call to try to induce some actions from the EP player but he folds. I table the boat and she shows Ac7c for a flopped flush. I knew she was strong when she cold called the flop but she played it to slow and got beat.

A few tables break and a new player comes to our table. The new player has exactly $100 and raises to $12 from MP I call from the BB with QsJs and a limper calls. The flop is Qh9s5s I check to the raiser who bets $25 the EP player looks like he is going to fold so i push out a stack big enough to put him all in. He tanks for a bit asks if I have AQ? then calls me. I table my top pair good kicker and flush draw. He says I need runner runner spade or 2 pair. no more spades and I win the hand. I wonder what he had he must have had As9x or something like i guess.

I am now up over $300 I win a few more small pots and cash out at 3am at $360.