by: WSOP.com Staff

TUNICA, MS. – Jim Mink is the winner of Ring Event #7, $345 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. at Harrah’s Tunica. Mink works as an oilfield consultant in his hometown of Houston, TX.

Since his first major tournament cash at a final table here at Harrah’s Tunica back in 2007, Mink has been drilling the Circuit, searching for that first victory. It would take three years and as many final tables for him to finally reach WSOPC black gold, but Mink, who works in one of the most high-risk/high-reward industries in the world, knows all too well about what they say about something worth having.

76 players entered in the Superbowl-Sunday start event at Harrah’s Tunica and generated a total prize pool of $22,116. The tournament was originally scheduled to go two days, but the final nine players agreed to play it out for the $6,983 first place prize, the gold ring and 50 points toward the Circuit National Championship. The elimination of the money bubble in ninth marked the start of the official final table with Mink near the top of the leader board.

Jim Mink

While the final table of ring event #6 ($555 buy-in NLH) was still in its middle stages, final table play of the H.O.R.S.E. event began at 6:25pm with the eight mixed game finalists each with their eye on a Circuit win.

Play began in the hold’em round with blinds at 3,000/6,000 and limits of 6,000/12,000. Stephen Winkez saw an early exit in that round after running A-K into David Perkins’ pocket aces. In his third major live tournament cash, the Germantown, TN resident took home $820.

Perkins was in turn eliminated in the stud round after moving the rest of his chips all-in on fourth street with 3x-Jx-Ac-Kx against what appeared to be a benign hand in front of Christopher Wolfe X-X-playing card: 9c-playing card: 4d. Wolfe was far ahead than Perkins knew however, calling and revealing his two down cards – playing card: 9splaying card: 9d. Blanks through the final street were dealt to both players and Perkins, a 29-year-old poker player from Kansas City, KS was eliminated. He earned $950 for seventh.

In the same round, Shane Paxton was eliminated in sixth place, worth $1,154, after losing a hand all-in on fifth street against Jim Mink. Mink’s trip sixes beat Paxton’s tens and his day was finished. Paxton is a 28-year-old former hospitality manager turned poker player from Greenfield, IA. He is a veteran of the 82nd airborne infantry division who began playing poker back in 2000.

Josh Palmer, a former insurance salesman turned pro was eliminated in fifth place after three-betting all-in playing card: Asplaying card: 7c to Wolfe in the hold’em round. Wolfe was behind on a queen-high flop with his playing card: Khplaying card: 4d, but turned a king and stayed ahead after the playing card: 3c hit the river. Palmer took home $1,475.

With antes and bring ins of 2,000/4,000 the razz level saw two more players hit the rail. Scott Carlson was the first to exit after he was unable to pick up a fifth non-pairing low card to go along with his playing card: Asplaying card: 5dplaying card: 3cplaying card: 6h in an all-in against Mink. Carlson’s Ace to jack was no good against Mink’s A-8 low and Carlson, a senior writer for rakeback.com headed off to pick up $1,991 for 4th.

Wolfe was eliminated in 3rd place in an all-in with 7x-3x-10x. The resulting hand was an A-10 low which was trumped by Jeff Welch’s A-9 low hand. Wolfe earned $2,844 for third.

Heads-up play between Mink and Welch began at 1:35 am. Mink was down to a 2-1 chip deficit against Welch, but played masterfully during the one on one matchup to pull even in chips before surging to a dominating lead. With his opponent down to a few big blinds in the Omaha 8 round, Mink managed to scoop the final hand with playing card: 4d[playing card: 2cplaying card: 5splaying card: 5c. For his runner up finish, Welch pocketed $4,321.

Mink, who had numerous final table finishes, including a runner-up finish in last year’s event here at Tunica was more than happy to finally claim victory at the WSOPC along with a modest first place prize of $6,983.

Mink said after his win that because of his profession, he doesn’t get a chance to play all that often and that it was “a thrill” to finally take one down.

Still to come are 25 events and 2 ring events. See the complete Harrah’s Tunica Circuit schedule and previous results here. The WSOP Circuit at Tunica runs through February 15th. You can find the complete 2010/2011 WSOP CIRCUIT SCHEDULE here.



Vegas Trip Report Mar28-31

I went to Vegas last weekend with my fiance to plan our wedding. I knew i wouldnt be playing a lot but I did get in a tourney and 2 cash sessions. We arrived at Treasure Island on Sat the 28th and we were just in time to check out the Dream Team poker tourney at Caesars. I was interested in seeing this event as it may be the next thing in poker and there was a lot of pros and celebrities there to watch play.

dream team poker

I did see a lot of pros and celebrities including Jaime Gold, TJ Cloutier, Jerry Yang, Dennis Phillips, Tiffany Micheal, Shannon Elizabeth, Phil Hellmuth, Mike Mattasouw, Jerry Buss, Mark Seif, Jeff Madsen, Teddy “Iceman” Monroe, and more…

We watched that for a while but then went to the sports book to drink and watch the end of the UCONN game. Then we went to see Love at the Mirage.

Sunday my fiance decided to go to the spa and i was going to play in a tourney. I was going to make the treck from TI to Caesars but decided to play in the TI tourney since it had a shorter structure and was thinking a softer game as well.

It had 37 players and was going to pay the top 3. I got off to a good start picking up a few big hands but not getting any action. we made it to the final 2 tables and i had the chip average. the blinds made a big jump from 300/600 to 500/1000 and I knew i needed to make a run. Thw player to my left had come over with a monster stack but he didnt seem like he knew what he was doing. I saw him call off alot of those chips in bad spots. i am the BB and he(UTG) limps in for 1K and is called by the button and the SB I look down at AQs and I ship in my last 4k UTG calls everyone else folds. He shows KTo but he gets there when the flop is KKQ and i am drawing slim and dead when a blank rolls off on the turn.
I decide to play some 1/3 NL as they are opening a new game. I buy in for $120 and 4 hands I get KK on the button and I open raise to $12 sb folds and BB makes it $24 I reraise to $50 and he ships for $100 and I call. he of course has AA and i lose my 1st buy in. I rebuy and about 10 hands later I get 78s on the button and limp behind a mp limper. flop is 3h5d6s BB bets $10 and I call. Turn is a 9d giving me the nuts. BB checks I bet $30 and he calls. River is Jd and BB checks i bet $50 and he calls with Td4d for a flush. I decide to buy in one more time I reraise with AQ to $12 and get reraised by a $40 short stack in the BB so I call the extra 28 and he shows KK and wins. I decide I am running bad and cash out to play another day. I hit Margaritaville to drown my sorrows.

I don’t play again until Monday night at around midnight and when I buy in to a 8 handed game 2 players cash out so I am at a 6 handed game now. I get a QQ on the button and raise to $12 and get called by the BB. Flop is 775 2 hearts Bb leads for $20 and I call. Turn is Th and he ships for $60 i think for a whille and call. River is a 7 he shows JJ and I finally win a pot. I pick on a short stack at the table and play a little looser to get from $120 to around $320. Then 4 dealers roll in and a local named LasVegas Micheal.
ti poker
I get in a pot where i flop top 2 and lose to a turned set. then I get KK slow play and get beat by a flush. I am down to $120. I limp on the Button with 6h8h the flop comes JhTh7s. UTG checks MP bets $20 I call with my flush and straight draw. UTG check raises to $120 MP is all in for $100 I decide I have outs and call getting 3-1. Turn is a heart and i beat his flopped straight. the very next hand it is folded to me in the CO with 5c6c and i raise to $10 BB calls. flop is 8d5d6d BB chcks I bet $20 he calls turn is Qs he checks I bet $40 he ships another $100 all in I call river is a 6 giving me a boat and beating his flopped flush. that broke the game and i decide to call it a night up $350 for the session all coming on the last 2 hands of the night and my trip.

saw a few Shows, checked out some wedding venues, ate some good food, went downtown, saw a big live tourney , played some poker and won some money…Not a bad trip

East Coast Trip Report

I went home to Connecticut for the holidays with a quick stopoff at Atlantic city with my Mom and my Fianace. They dont play poker but I got in a few $65 tourneys at Showboat and the Taj. I dont have much to write as I was card dead and went out a few hours in all tourneys. I finished 40/90 25/50 and 25/55  going out AIPF with my AQ vs AA, My KK vs 99 and my JJ vs A9. Had a small losing session at $1/$2  at Showboat before breakfast then went to Borgotta and made it back plus a buy in before dinner.

Drove back to CT that night and celibrated Christmas with my family. The next day I took my Grandparents to Mohegan Sun. I playued $1/2 for about an hour lost half my stack and decided to play some $4/$8 Omah H/L but the game was 4 handed and real tight so I lost about $50 and decided to play a SNG. I got it down to 4 handed and then shipped it with JJ vs Ah3h and he rivered a flush. I decided to find my grandparents and call it a night.

The Last night I was in town (News Year Eve) I went to Foxwoods to grind out some $1/$2. I went busto on top 2 vs a flopped flush and I had to rebuy. I ran my rebuy up and cashed out up $150 for the night.

All and all I was down about $300 for the trip not the best turnout but I played a lot of cards at a lot of casinos.

Foxwoods Lock In

So it is my last night in CT, I have a 10am flight in Providence and my mom works 9pm-5am at Foxwoods. So instead of her driving an hour home then 2 hours back in the morning I decide to go to work with her the go to the airport when she gets off. I walk around the poker room for a while deciding what to play.

I am usually good at SNG’s and they only run till 10pm so i decide to play in a $100+$20 before they shut them down for the night. I get started and fold every hand in the first 15 min level, in the second level i limp once with QsTs in LP  after a few limps and the BB goes all in for 1100 so I fold. I am down to around 1700 feom the starting stack of 2000 and we have lost 1 player. one player limps in EP i get JJ in MP and make it 400 and get 4 callers including the button who looks like he wanted to reraise me PF. the flop is 9h6h3s I bet 700 and I am called by the button who seams pained ove the call. the turn is 7s putting 2 flush draws on the board. I act 1st and push my last 700 in and he thinks for a while and calls. He shows KK and I lose another SNG in level 2.

I decide I have a lot of time to kill so I walk the casino replaying that hand and I wanted to check out the new MGM tower on the otherside of the Foxwoods complex. After my journey I decide I want to play some limit holdem and sign up for 4/8 I also add my name to the 4/8 Omaha h/l interest list. before I can get a LHE seat they call the Omaha game. I sit with $180 and I am a little nervous because I have never played Omaha in a casino just a few home games. I play a few too many hands early get low then i get involved in a few big pots that I scoop or split. The game also had a Half kill if the pots were over $80 and scooped but it was rare in this game. I end up ahead even though i ran into Quads near the end for a big pot and I tried to raise with AAQQ DS and missed the flop compleatly. I cashed out $250 when the game got 4 handed and broke. Not bad for my first live Omaha H/L session.

My mom got off work at 5am went to Mohegan Sun for Breakfast and watched my mom play a few slots before heading to the Airport.

No Set No Bet

I have been in CT for a few days with my family and I decided i need a night out. My Mother and  Grandmother were headed to Bingo (not my idea of fun) So i called up my friend Tom and asked what he wanted to do? I suggested The Bar, Casino,  or chill and drink at someones house. He said that he wanted to check out the new Mohegan Sun Poker room ….who am i to say no…LOL.

We get there around 11pm after a heated political disusion on the ride up there. We get on the list and after a short wait we both get $1/$2 NL seats at different tables. I buy in for $120 (60 BB) I like to buy in for  this amount because I can easily get it all in with big pairs and I can still see some cheep flops with pairs and suited connectors in LP. My table is wild and I see room to make money but when a seat opens up at Toms table I decide to move so we can play at the same table.

I get there and about 10 hands later I pick up KK in the SB a player in MP opens for $10 everyone folds to me and I make it $30 he goes all in for his last $60 and I snap call. He shows JJ and my KK holds up. I am now a little over $180.

About an hour later I get pocket 5s on the button in a multiway pot and I call the $2 the pot is $12 and the flop is Kc8c5c checked to me so i bet $10 EP player min raises to $20 and a MP player cold calls the $20 I decide to call the $10 and see what the turn brings. The turn is a 2c putting 4 clubs on the board the EP check raiser leads out for $15 the MP player looks like she wants to raise but just calls the $15. The pot is now over $100 and it costs me $15 to try to boat up. So i am getting 7/1 on the call and I have a 4/1 chance to hit my hand so I call. The river is a K the ep player checks the MP player goes all in for $30 and I call to try to induce some actions from the EP player but he folds. I table the boat and she shows Ac7c for a flopped flush. I knew she was strong when she cold called the flop but she played it to slow and got beat.

A few tables break and a new player comes to our table. The new player has exactly $100 and raises to $12 from MP I call from the BB with QsJs and a limper calls. The flop is Qh9s5s I check to the raiser who bets $25 the EP player looks like he is going to fold so i push out a stack big enough to put him all in. He tanks for a bit asks if I have AQ? then calls me. I table my top pair good kicker and flush draw. He says I need runner runner spade or 2 pair. no more spades and I win the hand. I wonder what he had he must have had As9x or something like i guess.

I am now up over $300 I win a few more small pots and cash out at 3am at $360.