In the Dog House!

Another poker room Bust….Last night ( 8 / 13 / 2008 ) I received a phone call that Big Dogs Poker Room in Houston, TX had been raided by the police. I heard it was around 8pm (After the tourney started) and All the dealers and a game runner where arrested. More info to come as I get it.

Kiss my Ace

Some updates and news about the raid may be found here on this 2plus2 forum thread…. Houston Poker Room Raided


Im Back!

So I got a part time job as an exterminator (Pest Control) to supplement my income while I search for a career. I have been doing it for about 3 weeks along with the casino nights and home poker games I do alright.

So I decided to play a tourney at big dogs tonight. I get off of work at 4pm and decide to hang out at the mall and shop for my girlfriends b-day present until the tourney starts. I get there at around 7pm….

Just walking in here makes me queasy.
The brick walls. The fucking mopes at the tables.
The musty smell. I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea.

Not really I never really took a big loss but it has been a loooong time since I played there and I wanted to use that quote. LOL

I look around the place and they have downsized from 8 tables to only 5. they upped the tourney to $50 and eliminated the satellite system now everyone wins cash (no seats to a quarterly tourney for 1st). There was less then 20 players signed up but they are mostly good and/or aggressive player, not really many fish. It sucks there isn’t a lot of dead money but I prefer a smaller 1-3 table tourney and I like my chances. I get a terrible table/seat draw and am between 2 Lags on my left and but I have 1 Lag on my right. I get involved in an interesting hand early and it went like this.

The tourney is in the 2nd 15 min round we are 8 handed with blinds at 10/20 and stacks of T1700. 5 players limp and I look down at 9sTs in the BB so I check to see if I can flop big in a multiway pot. The flop is 9cTc3h I check UTG limper bets out 75 into the 100 pot everyone folds to me. I am heads up vs a LAG who underestimates hand values. I put him on Top pair or a possible flush draw. I decide to call to keep the pot small and give him rope to hang himself. the turn comes 5d. I check and he bets 150 into the 250 pot I decide he must have top pair and is scared I am on a flush draw. I decide to check call and keep the pot small. river is the Kd I check he bets 350 into the 550 pot I put him on either one, 2 pair or a missed flush draw. I call he tables Kh9h for a rivered 2 pair. I say you got lucky on the river he says bet your hand I think i played it right since i got him to put in 2 bets drawing to 3 outs. I may be wrong but I think the only other thing I could have done is check raised the turn…

After that here are a few hands I played all AK:

  • I raised preflop in position got 3 callers missed the flop and the BB leads out for 3 times the flop and i fold.
  • Raised in MP and got reraised by a TAG in position preflop and so I folded.
  • Raised from the SB after a few people limped in and I took down.

I was the short stack at the 50/100 level with 7 players left at each table. I have 900 I look down at AdAh and raise to 300 I get raised by the Button/big stack and it is folded around to me to auto call. I table my Aces see hiss 99. He misses the flop but a 9 peals off on the turn the river bricks and I am sent to the rail. It was a loose reraise but he was the monster big stack and I could be making that move with a big Ace or smaller pair so not a terrible play by the button.

I think I may play on Thursdays from now on maybe play the tourney and then maybe a cash game if it gets off and it is fishy.

So there is my welcome back to Big Dogs.

I'll see you when I see you.
Hey. At least you're rounding again, right?
You're gonna thank me for that someday.

LOL another quote I always wanted to use.

Poker Prohibition

I was going to play in the Thursday Tourney at Big Dogs last night but 10 minutes into the game there was an anouncemant that there may be police raids in this area. The 40+ players there decided to go home rather then risk getting the house in trouble and getting there buy in taken away. As people were cashing out they kept talking about what they were going to do that night see they just wanted to have a good time and kill 3-4 hours.

The Law is very similar to Prohibition as it penalizes people from having fun and under the guise of protecting them from themselves. All players know the risk when playing the tournament, $40. They know everyone has the same rules and the only other factors are Luck and Skill level. It is very funny that the name of the game attempted to be played is Texas Holdem but it is illegal to play in Texas. Other more progressive states such as California realize poker is a game of skill and has legalized and regulated it.

Wait a bunch of people will pay money to play a game and the state can make money from regulating it, create jobs and help fund schools..can you say economic stimulus? There is a great bill in the state legislature that could legalize and regulate poker but it was pushed back on the agenda in 2007 …but should be voted on in 2009…we will see. Until this bill is voted on in 2009, hopefully it passes, honest fun loving poker players will have to hide in the shadows and be scared that thier Aces might not be the only thing getting busted each night.

Bubble Out

I havent bought into a Tournament all year so I decided to play the $65 at Big Dogs on Wed. It is a 60 player tourney but you get $2700 and the blinds are 15min starting at 5/10.

I felt good and got there a little early to play some Big Deuce. I start heads up with Rusty and then finish 4 handed up $20. Not bad so I got a little of my tourney money back.

I start out pretty well in the tourney I get KK 3 times and even hit a set. I dont double up on these hands but I gain some chips. I misplay 2 hands later and lose most of those chips back. I have $1800 going when we get back from the break. I start to push when folded to me and when limper’s show weakness.

I get down to the final 2 tables but with 11 players left and top 6 getting paid I have 2bb and decide to push with Kd 7d. I see that the button wants to fold so I push and the SB wakes up with A9 flop is a 7 but the river brings a 9 bye chips. The final table is set and I am the final table bubble boy.

Oh well went home ate dinner and won a sit and go time to go to bed.

Going legit…

“The truth is, I can always find games to deal , though. Easy games, tough games, straight games, crooked games, home games. But I’ve made promises. ”
After the Recent busts in the Houston area and the charges being raised from misdemeanor to felony…I have decided to walk away from the game for now. I have not only decided not to deal but I am not even going to play in most Houston clubs for a while. So now I am going legit looking for a real job/career where that takes me?…. we will see what happens you have to play the cards you are dealt.


Houston SWAT team busts illegal poker room
October 8th, 2007 by poker kid

It’s beginning to look like the Houston police are copying their Dallas cousins. A few months ago, the internet was awash with stories about the Dallas SWAT team busting illegal poker games, knocking down doors, and scaring the bejeesus out of poker players who don’t represent a threat to anyone—especially not to law enforcement.
Last Wednesday the The Houston Police Department’s Vice Division, accompanied by the SWAT team, raided an illegal poker game at The Palms Poker Room. Thirteen people were arrested, including game organizers and even dealers. While none of the players were arrested, several were given subpoenas to appear in court. The Houston Vice Division also confiscated all the cash on the premises.
It looks like the police will lean heavily on players to testify against the dealers and management of the poker room.
If this is anything like Dallas, it also looks like this will be the first in a series of poker room raids and arrests.
Here is another police event that provides no public safety, wastes valuable police resources, and while it might make good news footage for TV, accomplishes absolutely nothing of value and provides nothing of benefit to anyone. Unfortunatley, this is probably just a little taste of things to come and if you’re a Houston poker player, it’s probably time to play online—at least until the heat dies down.
Originally Syndicated via RSS from Lou Krieger’s Poker Blog

Expensive Lesson

I get to big dogs to be the Tourney Director for the Wed tourney. I hate being the TD because I only get paid $75 for 4 hours of work and miss time dealing cash so this is a neg EV day for me. I get the tourney started and the cash game from Tuesday night is still going on while the 9 table tourney gets started.

Tony is running around still crunching #s from the weeks take. SO I sit in his seat in the $5/$5 game. I look at a few hands and fold. I look down and I get KK in middle position and decide I can win him a pot. I raise to $30 and get 5 callers. on the flop I bet $50 om a Q54 rainbow board and get 1 caller. I check the turn when a 9 comes off and the LAG player bets $125 I call trying to keep the pot small. The river is a blank and he goes all in for $275. He makes a comment that I shouldn’t lose Tony’s money so I think he is bulling me so I make the call. He shows 55 for a flopped set. Nice Hand!!!

The way it works is if you play someones chips you have to pay them back, So I am out $500. I was thinking about it all that night even if I win that pot there is no guarantees he would give me any of that $ and by me playing and dealing even if I win I am pissing off potential tippers.

So my new policy is I play my chips and only my chips if someone is not in their seat i will look at their hands but muck all hands even AA. It was an expensive lesson but from now on the only money I gamble is my own.

Big Dogs $250

After 3 months of regular tourneys/Satellites the Big Dogs Big Tourney AKA the $250 is upon us. I cashed in the 2 tourneys I was able to play in at Big Dogs this Quarter and I sold one seat for $300. SO I am in the Tourney for $200. I get there early for the dealer meeting and afterwards

sit in the $1/3 game with $120. I play TAG and get all my money in with AhQh vs 3 people on a board of JhTh9s. I catch my nut flush on the turn and I am free rolling for the royal draw but it is a brick on the river. I play a few more pots and have one pot where I get it all in with 2 black Aces on a board of KsQsJs I pick up the side pot on the flop and I am heads up for the main vs 2 red fives but lose the main when the turn pairs the J and the river is a 5s. I decide to cash out at $240 with a Profit of $120 double my buy in.

I draw my seat for the tourney after I down a redbull and get ready to play.
Oh great I am seated to the left of Tony LA. i know if I can out flop him i can get all his chips but I also know I am not getting alot of cheep flops. I do end up getting some cheep flops early with small pairs and suited connecters but I cant get  a set or a big hand to get agressive with. I do flop a K high flush and I bet the whole way getting a a good pot from an A high drawer. But later I lose that by calling a push from an unknown player who goes crazy with some K9 and catches his K vs my pocket Jacks. I go a little on tilt and proceed to push 3 hands in a row. I have AJ the 1st 2 and then I pick up JJ again and this time I get called by A9 but my Jacks hold up and I am back in it.

The blind increase 200/400  I have 3,500when I get AK in the SB. It is folded to me and I push vs tony he thinks for a long time and the longer he thinks the more I know I have heim dominated. He finally makes a call with Ah9h and he has me covered by 300.  The flop is 3JJ turn is a J and the river gives Tony his 9 and sends me to the rail. I knew Tony would knock me out but that was dirty. Tony soon moved tables and went on a run finishing 5th. I went to the cash games and  played for a few hours breaking even and calling it a night.