Chavos Tourney Recap 9/12/09

Chavo ran another tournament on Saturday night. There was a scheduling issue and Chavo had to move his game up and give everyone short notice. Because of the short notice, there was a big group of players that had already planned another tournament and could not come. Even with that, we had 16 players to start the tourney and almost got up to 17. One of the players girlfriends said she was going to play but thought there would be more women. Not sure if she realized it but out of the 16 players and 4 were women. We set records last month with 17 players and a prize pool over $1,000 but with the short notice this time, we lacked the wild rebuy period. We still managed 13 rebuys (3 from Chavo) and 14 add-ons for a prize pool of $860.

After the break, three of the four ladies at my table decided to play a huge pot. Tiffany raised Britney and another lady in the SB called. The flop was AA7 and Tiffany bet again Britney called and so did the other lady. The turn was a 4 and Tiffany bet Britney went all in and the older lady called as well as Tiffany. The river was 4 making the board read AA744 and the lady in the SB went all in, was called and showed AQ for a full house. Britney showed pocket 7s for a flopped full house and Tiffany flipped over pocket 4s for quads to win the pot. Tiffany scooped a huge pot eliminated 2 players and began to jump up and down in celebration. After that pot Tiffany was the chip leader and used it effectively to eliminate a few players and coast into the final table.

wsop chips

At the final table, most of us were short stacks due to Tiffany having all the chips, we had a lot of all ins and calls. And we were quickly down to 5 players with Nick and Tiffany holding 80% of the chips. With blinds at 1000/2000 Nick had made it 4000 and Tiffany reraised to 9000 I had exactly 9000 and I was in the BB with AK I thought for a long time hoping they both had a pair I called and nick called. Nick had 99 and Tiffany had 88, the board ran out all low cards and a K and I won a big pot to stay alive. A few hands later, on the bubble, the big stacks collided and nick was all in with 99 vs Tiffany’s A7. The board ran out Q2JJQ to counterfeit Nick’s pair and give Tiffany a commanding chip lead.

Tiffany had about 100,000 and Phillip, Tammy, Padilla and I had about 20,000 each. I picked up a pair of 6s in the BB vs Tiffany’s J9 and won the race to double up. A few hands later, the blinds got very high and Padilla was forced all in and was out in 4th place. We were down to 3 the two ladies and my self. A two-on-one, A manage trios of pain…you usually have to pay double for that Cotton.

Three handed I was the chip leader and I picked up AA on the button and raised Tammy pushed all in from the SB with JJ and I called and Tammy was out in 3rd. Heads up lasted a a few hands but it all came to an end when Tiffany pushed with K9 and I called with AJ. She hit her K on the flop but I caught up with an Ace on the Turn the river was a blank and I won the tournament.


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