East Texas Poker 3

Played another Tourney at Chavos house last Saturday. This time the turnout was only 13 players which included The 4 in our car ( My roommate, His Girl, Primo from SA and myself). The game had the same structure as last time($20 for 10K and unlimited rebuys @ $20for 10K)  but I upped the Add on from 10K to 15K  for the same $20.

The game was extremely tight early and we only had 3 rebuys and we had 2 people bust and not rebuy before the break. At the break we had all 11 players add on so I guess that marketing worked out. The play was still tight after the break and it took us over an hour to get down to the final table of 10.  (With Chavo going out in 11th) The final table went slow at 1st then we had people dropping like flies till we were 4 handed. It was Boss, My roommate, Primo and Myself. I had the 2nd shortest stack but I stole a lot of blinds to stay at a playable 5bb stack. But I would get caught stealing as Primo limped from the SB and I pushe d with 9s5c from the BB and he called with AJ oops. I bubble out followed by my roommate and the last 2 chop.

We get a .25/.50 NL cash game going which is rare for theses tourneys. We all bought in for around $20 and had about 7 players. After a while I was down to $6 after a few small pots and having to lay down the 2nd nuts to primos push with the nuts. I get AK and tripled up a few hands later and I have a playable stack again. We play down to 3 players when Chavo cashes out up about $60 and Primo and I decide to play Heads up.

He is Drunk and Tired and kind of annoying talking shit about his many wins when we were in college and all that. I take about $20 off him heads up before he quits. I could have gotten his whole stack if we played longer but I will leave him with some gas money. I doubt he will log that as a loss since he was up from the other players from earlier.

All in all it was a fun night even though I dont like the outcome I think I played well in the tourney but was forced to shove when my stack was super short on the bubble.  Oh well that is tournament poker.


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  1. I was being a brain ninja!!!

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