East Texas Poker 2

I made another trip out to my friend Chavos in Groves Texas on Saturday. He wanted to have another poker tournament but the party was moved to his neighbors house. So My roommate and I loaded up the poker table and headed out on Sat afternoon.

chavo-blinds-handout2We arrive and the game starts at around 7pm. We started with 2 tables of about 8 players each. We did a $20 buy in with rebuys for the first hour. My roommate (Padilla) and I volunteered to deal and play and deal with rebuys and pretty much run the game. I played one big hand in the 2nd level to double up when I raised preflop with AK and was called by the button who limped initially. The flop was Ace high and i bet out he reraised me all in and I called. He showed A9 and I scooped in the pot. Went card dead till the break and decided to add on.

The prize pool was $640 and the host wanted to pay top 3 at 1st/$320, 2nd/$190 and 3rd/130. After the break players started to drop we got down to 11 when I pick up AK in the BB the button raises and i ship it in the Button calls with QJs and the flop comes J97 the turn was a Q and the river was the T to give me a strait and keep me alive.  The guy who I beat was very angry because i hit the runner  runner but I was the preflop aggressor and favorite. Anyways as that hand happened the other table lost a player putting us at a 10 player final table.

I had 30k and the blinds were 1000/2000 and my roommate was going to deal the final table. I quickly get involved at the final table when I get JJ vs TT to double up. I then take out Chavo when he raised preflop and I move him all in with 99. He shows A7 and my hand holds up.  I then raise the button a few hands later with A7 get min reraised all in by the SB and I call. He shows A4 and I hit my 7 to knock another player out. We are down to 4 players and are on the bubble.

Padilla gets all in on the river of a QQJ45 board and has the AJ to beat the other players AT bluff. Then a few hands later he eliminates that player with a Set of 9s. We are in the Money and I quickly  try to knock out the short stack with A7 but he wakes up with pocket Tens to double up. A few hands later he takes out Padilla in 3rd place. We are going to heads up and the blinds are about to go up to 10k/20k and wejust decide to chop since i had 7BB and he had 9BB.

All in all I played well, got my money in good, made some plays and hit when I needed to.