Another Perspective

Here is another Perspective of Saturdays events by Amy and Charlie…

Charlie and I were celebrating the two-year anniversary since we
proposed to each other and our one year anniversary when we went to the
Renaissance Festival this Oct. 11. We were staying in my mother-in-law’s
Silver Leaf timeshare condo in Conroe and celebrating fall and our
marriage and opening weekend of our favorite festival all at once.

Jennifer had e-mailed me earlier in the week to ask if we’d be going to
Ren Fest this year. We told her we had plans to go that very weekend and
she said she and Vinnie would be there, too. So we made plans to meet
them in the parking lot and attend the festival together.

I now know what must make Vinnie a superb poker player. We went almost
the whole day — 11 a.m. to about 5:30 p.m. — without him looking the
least bit nervous or suspicious. In fact, it was I who asked Jennifer to
take my picture with Charlie in the chapel to commemorate our
anniversary. That’s why we went there in the first place.

After she’d taken a few photos of me and Charlie, Vinnie asked me to
take a few photos of him and Jennifer. As reluctant as she was (her hair
was messy, he’d spilled some beverage down her shirt and left a big
stain) she went with him to the altar to humor him and take a few photos
with him.

So I shot a few pictures that came out a little blurry because I was
laughing at Jennifer’s wisecracks and trying to make the camera work
with the lighting. I remember I kept saying, “Wait a minute, we need a
redo…” and all the while Jennifer kept joking about how Vinnie had tried
to sell her off earlier to a dirty old man in the street for a turkey
leg, and then he’d gone and spilled stuff all over her.

Then as I was trying to get them to stand still and pose again for me,
Vinnie started talking about how this was the anniversary of their first
meeting. They met at Ren Fest on Oct. 11 2000 when they worked the
festival in the photography studio. I think it’s something like Ye Old
Tyme Photos or something to that effect. Anyway, as he’s talking, the
mood changed; Vinnie was being awfully romantic and suddenly we were
suspicious. Charlie leaned over to me (he’d been standing by me laughing
at Jennifer’s comments, too, while I tried to get a decent picture of
the two) and he whispered, “Is Vinnie proposing?” And it dawns on me he
might be. I just whispered back, “I don’t know” and kept shooting.

Then Vinnie goes down on one knee and I start aiming for a better shot
and trying to get the camera to take a clear picture, but they’re moving
and I’m shaking and it still comes out blurry—Vinnie down on one knee,
proposing to one of my best friends. I’m so happy for her and I know my
face had to register my shock and a grin a mile wide. Charlie’s face was
priceless, too. But I didn’t have much time to notice. I was still
shooting the proposal. Until Jennifer, who never took her eyes off
Vinnie, yelled at me to stop taking pictures. But she was too late. As
shaky and blurry as they were, I’d caught it on SanDisk.

She said yes, and I know I let out a sigh of relief; probably with
Vinnie. As much as she loves him and as much as I knew they’d always be
together, my friend Jennifer has always seemed a bit shy of marriage.
She’s a very independent girl, and she’s proud of it. Charlie hugged me
and said, “I think that’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen!” and I
didn’t remind him he was talking to his wife, who’s done any number of
romantic things for her husband. But I had to agree; it was very
romantic. And I was bursting at the seams with joy for Jennifer and
Vinnie. I was so giddy!

I finally got a nice clear shot of the couple in front of a very
Catholic altar and we all left the chapel in high spirits, seeking other
spirits of the mead variety to celebrate. I have to admit, I was a
little worried about Jennifer. She got very quiet after we left the
chapel. Vinnie, on the other hand, was more talkative than I’ve ever
seen him. Charlie and I joked about this switch of personalities, but I
could tell Vinnie was ecstatically happwith this bemused expression that didn’t seem to register much of what
was happening around her.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur for all of us. It was late and
we were all exhausted and feeling warm and fuzzy on our mead. We did a
little more shopping and then watched the final fireworks show together.
It was a perfect end to a wonderful day, and an anniversary for two
great loves.


A Special Day

Yesterday I attended opening weekend of the Renaissance Festival with my girlfriend Jennifer and a few of our friends. Jennifer’s friends Amy and her husband Charlie came in from Austin as my friend Primo and his Fiance Rashna were coming from San Antonio. My girlfriend Jennifer and I met out at the Renaissance-festival 8 years ago and it has always been a special place to us.

I talked to my girlfriend earlier in the week and since she was having a bad week i told her it was ok because we are going to have a great weekend. She said we always go to the Ren Fest why was this one going to be different. I just said “this is going to be a special weekend” and left it at that. She questioned me all week and all day at the festival saying give me a hint or why is this going to be so special.

We  met up with all of our friends at around noon and wondered around the park, shopped ate and watched shows throughout the day. At one point a rickshaw driver asked me “how much for the woman” I replied “what is your offer” and he said “a turkey leg”. Of course I was joking, I would not trade her for a turkey leg, as she is priceless and irreplaceable and I would not trade her for anything in the world.  As the day was drawing to an end Amy asked if we would take her and her husbands picture in the Chapel. After we took their picture i asked Jennifer t take a picture with me in-front of the alter.

Texas Ren Fest

Texas Ren Fest

After they took are picture I said, “do you remember we meet out here on opening weekend just as today is…we also had our first date on Oct 11th as today is as well”. then I said, “the only thing that could make this place and date more special is if you would marry me.” As i dropped to one knee and placed my Fathers gold ring on her finger. She paused for what felt like a life time as she was in shock but she finally said yes. Not only was she in awe but all of our friends were also in shock. Afterwards we grabbed a bottle of mead to celebrate. We then watched the fireworks as the park closed.

I think i gave her the special day I promised.

Bob Barr 2008

Why Vote Third-party?

My goal here is to convince you to vote for a third-party candidate — ANY third-party candidate — in the 2008 presidential election.

The reasoning is simple:

First, it should be evident to all that the Democratic and Republican parties are ‘in cahoots’. There’s not much real difference between them. They distract public attention by arguing about superficial differences, obscuring the fact that they actually agree on nearly all the important things, like:

(a) the BIG GOVERNMENT model is the only option
(b) America needs a huge military budget
(c) war is not insane
(d) term limits are not practical

Then why not just vote third-party? Here’s the reason people give: “If I vote for a third party, I just throw my vote away.”

Let’s dispel that myth once and for all. First, if one thing is plain, it’s that you have thrown your vote away if you vote for the Democrat or Republican candidate. The two parties are basically the same, and regardless of which party is in power, things don’t improve. Recall that it was both the Democrats and the Republicans who rushed into the Iraq war, waving the flag, without a plan.

The truth is, the Republicrat party has arranged so that we have a Democrat for one or two terms, then a Republican, and then back again. It’s a sweet system where both parties win. Neither is out of power for very long.

Consider also how both parties together have succeeded in making you feel you have to vote against someone. In 2000, for example, you may not have liked Bush much, but felt you needed to vote against Al Gore, or vice versa. That, I propose, is precisely what the two parties want. They have, by picking the right issues, managed to completely polarize the American public into two camps, split almost 50/50. Further, they’ve set the tone of American politics as one of constant acrimony and argument. Far too much attention is spent criticizing the other camp, and not enough on presenting new, positive ideas. It’s a divide and conquer strategy. By polarizing the American public, the Republicrat power coalition has kept people too busy fighting with each other to see what the real problem is. It’s the old case of ‘let’s you and him fight’.

This makes each person think, “My vote is essential to prevent the other party from winning; I can’t afford to vote for a third-party candidate, or someone with original ideas.” But considering the dearth of good ideas among the current Republican and Democrat candidates, it’s evident that, whichever wins, we’ll be stuck with another bad president for at least another four years.

This November, then, you’ll have two choices:

1. Vote for the Democrat or Republican candidate, in which case you truly will throw your vote away, or
2. Vote for a third party candidate.

In the second case, it’s true your candidate will not likely win. But you haven’t thrown your vote away. If enough people do this, then the Democrats and Republicans will get the message. By the time the next elections come around, they will be thinking about adopting some of the ideas from the third parties. Further, any vote for a third party encourages the founding of new third parties, with valuable new ideas.

The potential for positive change in America exists. What we must do is create a climate in which these ideas will come to the fore in public discussion, and find implementation as social policy. Third parties can meet this vital need.

Therefore, here are two suggestions for you to consider:

1. Investigate the current third party candidates. Read their platforms and identify any promising ideas they have. In just doing this you will have broken free from the mind-conditioning of the two-party system. You will be actively contributing to making American a true democracy. Then, just consider voting for the candidate whom you would like to be president, not worrying about the issue of ‘throwing your vote away.’

2. Most of all — though this is really a separate issue — approach the election with a positive attitude. This shouldn’t be about whom you dislike or disagree with. It should be about developing positive vision of the future. Pay particular attention to noticing how the big-party candidates (and their buddies, the news media) try to manipulate public consciousness by eliciting anger and hatred — and then don’t oblige them.

Be the change you want see in the world!

My vote is for Bob Barr 2008

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