East Texas Poker

I was invited to east Texas (Groves) by a fraternity brother of mine, Chavo, for a poker tournamnet. I helped him set it up as far as blinds and chips. I also told him I would deal and play so that we could use a full size table and keep everything moving along. The structure we made was a $20 buy in for 5k in chips and optional unlimited rebuys and an add on in the 1st hour. We started with 14 players (2 tables) and the blinds were 20min long:

  • 25/50
  • 50/100
  • 75/150
  • Break
  • 100/200
  • 200/400
  • 300/600
  • 400/800
  • Break
  • 500/1000
  • 1000/2000
  • 1500/3000
  • Break
  • 2000/4000
  • 3000/6000
  • 4000/8000
  • 5000/10000

I think i played well overall, i didn’t play that many hands before the break but after the break I had about 8-9k after doing the $20 add on. The blinds were 100/200 I picked up JJ on the button there was a preflop raise 600 I called along with the SB. The flop was 993 and the sb bet out 500 into the 2k pot the pf raiser folded and i reraised to put him all in and he called his last 1k. He showed TT and with no help on the turn or river i eliminate a player and move up in chips. A few hands later I get AK in the CO and I raise it and get 1 caller to my right. The flop is A rag rag he checks I bet 2/3 pot he raises all in for a small amount more so i call and he shows A9 no 9 on the board and I win another pot and eliminate another player. We play a few more levels and then we get down to 10 players right before the break and are ready to combine tables.

At the break I tally up the prize pool we have $640 in the pot and I had sent Chavo a payout that paid 3 spots for 1 table and 4 spots for 2 tables. So I do the math for 4 places 40%/30%/20%/10% but Chavo says no do it for 3 places I ask if he is sure and i do the math for 1 table 50%/30%/20% or $320/$180/$140.

We take a break when we come back we lose a few players and are quickly down to 6 players. I am a short stack after i get it all in UTG with AQ vs 5 players I hit top 2 pair the board shows a possible flush and there was river action but the bet was a bad timed bluff and was called by another ace to win a side pot but i survived and picked up the main to quintuple up. A few hands later 2 players get it all in and the middle stack wins putting us at 4 players, 1 away from the money. Chavo and I are really short and the other 2 have large stacks. The blinds are 4k/8k when Chavo moves all in on the button for 8k and I look down at 2s2c in the SB and I only have 4k left. I tank for a bit and realize that if i fold i may make it into 3rd but if i call and win i also get 3rd and have chips to go for 1st. I decide to fold and hope the BB has a hand or gets lucky. Chavo shows AK the other player shows 97 the flop is 45J the turn is a 6 and the river is a 3 giving the chip leader a straight and eliminating chavo in 4th. I go all in on the BB 2 hands later i hit a pair but 4 dimonds on the board gives him a flush and I am out in 3rd. As soon as I am eliminated they decide to chop $250 each and call it a night.

All in all i think the tourney was ran well, it lasted around 6 hours and i think everyone had a good time. I had fun and I think I played well.


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  1. nice post keep it real!:)

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