Home Cash Game

After Big Dogs getting shut down I was in the market for a new room or game. i decided to go on a local forum to find a cash game. I had gone on this forum before and played at a nice game in the Woodlands a few years back.

I was in luck and found a cash game in NW Houston that was only 5 minutes from my girlfriends. The stakes where $.50/$1 NL and the min/max buy in was $50/$100. I bought in for $80 and was willing to rebuy for another $80 if the action/game was good and I was playing well.

I arrived at 7:30 but we didn’t start until around 8pm due to late arrivals. We had 8-9 players all buying in for an average of $80 and 3-4 players rebought. The game had 2 dealers (who also played) who would alternate and accepted tips, but it was a rake free game.

My plan was to play tight early and get a read on the other players. I get dealt QQ the first hand raise to $3 get called by 2 players. The flop is KJ3 I am IP and bet $7 into the $9 pot. the turn is an off suit T giving me middle pair and a straight draw. I decide to check the turn to keep the pot small and to see if i hit my draw. the river is a blank and the OOP player bets out $15 i think for a while and decide since i dont know this player to give him credit for a hand and fold. I play pretty tight the rest of the night since I am card dead and have no reads. I pick up a few small pots and I am around $50-$60 for a long time when this hand comes up. I am the SB the UTG player straddles for $2 there are 2 limpers and the Button raises to $10 I look down at AsKs and I move all in for $54. The button a TAG player thinks for a while and folds neither of us show and I rake in the pot. I play a few more small pots but lose a medium pot when my flopped 2 pair loses to runner runner flush. The game breaks at 1am and I am up to a little over $100.

It was a fun game with a great home game atmosphere not really an action game but I can see myself making a decent profit and having a good time when ever i play.


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