Im Back!

So I got a part time job as an exterminator (Pest Control) to supplement my income while I search for a career. I have been doing it for about 3 weeks along with the casino nights and home poker games I do alright.

So I decided to play a tourney at big dogs tonight. I get off of work at 4pm and decide to hang out at the mall and shop for my girlfriends b-day present until the tourney starts. I get there at around 7pm….

Just walking in here makes me queasy.
The brick walls. The fucking mopes at the tables.
The musty smell. I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea.

Not really I never really took a big loss but it has been a loooong time since I played there and I wanted to use that quote. LOL

I look around the place and they have downsized from 8 tables to only 5. they upped the tourney to $50 and eliminated the satellite system now everyone wins cash (no seats to a quarterly tourney for 1st). There was less then 20 players signed up but they are mostly good and/or aggressive player, not really many fish. It sucks there isn’t a lot of dead money but I prefer a smaller 1-3 table tourney and I like my chances. I get a terrible table/seat draw and am between 2 Lags on my left and but I have 1 Lag on my right. I get involved in an interesting hand early and it went like this.

The tourney is in the 2nd 15 min round we are 8 handed with blinds at 10/20 and stacks of T1700. 5 players limp and I look down at 9sTs in the BB so I check to see if I can flop big in a multiway pot. The flop is 9cTc3h I check UTG limper bets out 75 into the 100 pot everyone folds to me. I am heads up vs a LAG who underestimates hand values. I put him on Top pair or a possible flush draw. I decide to call to keep the pot small and give him rope to hang himself. the turn comes 5d. I check and he bets 150 into the 250 pot I decide he must have top pair and is scared I am on a flush draw. I decide to check call and keep the pot small. river is the Kd I check he bets 350 into the 550 pot I put him on either one, 2 pair or a missed flush draw. I call he tables Kh9h for a rivered 2 pair. I say you got lucky on the river he says bet your hand I think i played it right since i got him to put in 2 bets drawing to 3 outs. I may be wrong but I think the only other thing I could have done is check raised the turn…

After that here are a few hands I played all AK:

  • I raised preflop in position got 3 callers missed the flop and the BB leads out for 3 times the flop and i fold.
  • Raised in MP and got reraised by a TAG in position preflop and so I folded.
  • Raised from the SB after a few people limped in and I took down.

I was the short stack at the 50/100 level with 7 players left at each table. I have 900 I look down at AdAh and raise to 300 I get raised by the Button/big stack and it is folded around to me to auto call. I table my Aces see hiss 99. He misses the flop but a 9 peals off on the turn the river bricks and I am sent to the rail. It was a loose reraise but he was the monster big stack and I could be making that move with a big Ace or smaller pair so not a terrible play by the button.

I think I may play on Thursdays from now on maybe play the tourney and then maybe a cash game if it gets off and it is fishy.

So there is my welcome back to Big Dogs.

I'll see you when I see you.
Hey. At least you're rounding again, right?
You're gonna thank me for that someday.

LOL another quote I always wanted to use.


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