East Texas Poker

I was invited to east Texas (Groves) by a fraternity brother of mine, Chavo, for a poker tournamnet. I helped him set it up as far as blinds and chips. I also told him I would deal and play so that we could use a full size table and keep everything moving along. The structure we made was a $20 buy in for 5k in chips and optional unlimited rebuys and an add on in the 1st hour. We started with 14 players (2 tables) and the blinds were 20min long:

  • 25/50
  • 50/100
  • 75/150
  • Break
  • 100/200
  • 200/400
  • 300/600
  • 400/800
  • Break
  • 500/1000
  • 1000/2000
  • 1500/3000
  • Break
  • 2000/4000
  • 3000/6000
  • 4000/8000
  • 5000/10000

I think i played well overall, i didn’t play that many hands before the break but after the break I had about 8-9k after doing the $20 add on. The blinds were 100/200 I picked up JJ on the button there was a preflop raise 600 I called along with the SB. The flop was 993 and the sb bet out 500 into the 2k pot the pf raiser folded and i reraised to put him all in and he called his last 1k. He showed TT and with no help on the turn or river i eliminate a player and move up in chips. A few hands later I get AK in the CO and I raise it and get 1 caller to my right. The flop is A rag rag he checks I bet 2/3 pot he raises all in for a small amount more so i call and he shows A9 no 9 on the board and I win another pot and eliminate another player. We play a few more levels and then we get down to 10 players right before the break and are ready to combine tables.

At the break I tally up the prize pool we have $640 in the pot and I had sent Chavo a payout that paid 3 spots for 1 table and 4 spots for 2 tables. So I do the math for 4 places 40%/30%/20%/10% but Chavo says no do it for 3 places I ask if he is sure and i do the math for 1 table 50%/30%/20% or $320/$180/$140.

We take a break when we come back we lose a few players and are quickly down to 6 players. I am a short stack after i get it all in UTG with AQ vs 5 players I hit top 2 pair the board shows a possible flush and there was river action but the bet was a bad timed bluff and was called by another ace to win a side pot but i survived and picked up the main to quintuple up. A few hands later 2 players get it all in and the middle stack wins putting us at 4 players, 1 away from the money. Chavo and I are really short and the other 2 have large stacks. The blinds are 4k/8k when Chavo moves all in on the button for 8k and I look down at 2s2c in the SB and I only have 4k left. I tank for a bit and realize that if i fold i may make it into 3rd but if i call and win i also get 3rd and have chips to go for 1st. I decide to fold and hope the BB has a hand or gets lucky. Chavo shows AK the other player shows 97 the flop is 45J the turn is a 6 and the river is a 3 giving the chip leader a straight and eliminating chavo in 4th. I go all in on the BB 2 hands later i hit a pair but 4 dimonds on the board gives him a flush and I am out in 3rd. As soon as I am eliminated they decide to chop $250 each and call it a night.

All in all i think the tourney was ran well, it lasted around 6 hours and i think everyone had a good time. I had fun and I think I played well.


Home Cash Game

After Big Dogs getting shut down I was in the market for a new room or game. i decided to go on a local forum to find a cash game. I had gone on this forum before and played at a nice game in the Woodlands a few years back.

I was in luck and found a cash game in NW Houston that was only 5 minutes from my girlfriends. The stakes where $.50/$1 NL and the min/max buy in was $50/$100. I bought in for $80 and was willing to rebuy for another $80 if the action/game was good and I was playing well.

I arrived at 7:30 but we didn’t start until around 8pm due to late arrivals. We had 8-9 players all buying in for an average of $80 and 3-4 players rebought. The game had 2 dealers (who also played) who would alternate and accepted tips, but it was a rake free game.

My plan was to play tight early and get a read on the other players. I get dealt QQ the first hand raise to $3 get called by 2 players. The flop is KJ3 I am IP and bet $7 into the $9 pot. the turn is an off suit T giving me middle pair and a straight draw. I decide to check the turn to keep the pot small and to see if i hit my draw. the river is a blank and the OOP player bets out $15 i think for a while and decide since i dont know this player to give him credit for a hand and fold. I play pretty tight the rest of the night since I am card dead and have no reads. I pick up a few small pots and I am around $50-$60 for a long time when this hand comes up. I am the SB the UTG player straddles for $2 there are 2 limpers and the Button raises to $10 I look down at AsKs and I move all in for $54. The button a TAG player thinks for a while and folds neither of us show and I rake in the pot. I play a few more small pots but lose a medium pot when my flopped 2 pair loses to runner runner flush. The game breaks at 1am and I am up to a little over $100.

It was a fun game with a great home game atmosphere not really an action game but I can see myself making a decent profit and having a good time when ever i play.

In the Dog House!

Another poker room Bust….Last night ( 8 / 13 / 2008 ) I received a phone call that Big Dogs Poker Room in Houston, TX had been raided by the police. I heard it was around 8pm (After the tourney started) and All the dealers and a game runner where arrested. More info to come as I get it.

Kiss my Ace

Some updates and news about the raid may be found here on this 2plus2 forum thread…. Houston Poker Room Raided


Bombs Over BYA’A

Here is an article about one of my TKE Fraternity Brothers fighting in Iraq…

Fighting bombs with bombs

Servicemembers find explosives-laden city is better handled by air

By Sean Kimmons, Stars and Stripes

Sean Kimmons/S & S
Capt. Michael Martin, commander of Palehorse Troop, 2nd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment, looks over the targets of homes rigged with explosives before calling in an airstrike.

Sean Kimmons/S & S
A Stryker sits in the foreground as a plume of dark smoke from a 500-pound bomb blast rises into the air during a clearing operation in Bya’a in southern Diyala province.

BYA’A, Iraq — The “Husky” mine-clearing vehicle rolled into this southern Diyala province village as one hefty piece of machinery. Hours later, it was towed out in damaged sections by a recovery team.

Two mines destroyed the vehicle as it was freeing up a passage within this small village on the Tigris River.

Nearby, numerous roadside bombs and booby-trapped homes rigged with homemade explosives were found. It turned out that the abandoned village of roughly 30 homes was heavily fortified with bombs believed to be planted by fleeing al-Qaida in Iraq fighters.

Houses laced with explosives have delayed U.S. and Iraqi forces from pushing south into areas where coalition presence has been nonexistent in past years. Main roadways are also peppered with roadside bombs, adding to the slowdown in an operation launched two weeks ago.

Rather than jeopardize lives, leadership from the U.S. Army’s 2nd Squadron, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment decided to pull back its troops and fight bombs with bombs.

Slow steps forward

As the sun began to set Sunday, six Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcons roared up high and dropped eight 500-pound bombs on marked targets. Massive explosions ensued and plumes of dark smoke rose hundreds of feet. Several buildings were leveled and left smoldering into the night.

The clearing duties were part of Operation Dragoon Pursuit — the 2nd Cavalry’s share of an Iraqi-led offensive dubbed “Good Tidings of Benevolence.” More than 30,000 Iraqi security forces are said to be involved.

The goals are stability in the region and helping local government rebuild in a province recently plagued by suicide bombers.

The operation “denies them places to hide,” Capt. Michael Martin, commander of 2nd squadron’s Palehorse Troop, said of insurgents.

Last week, a home exploded near Bya’a that wounded four U.S. troops and killed one Iraqi Army soldier and wounded three others.

“The worst thing we can do is be in a hurry,” Lt. Col. Myron Reineke, the 2nd Cavalry’s commander, recently told a group of Iraqi commanders. “It’s better to do it right than fast, where more could get injured.”

The 2nd Cavalry, out of Vilseck, Germany, is all too familiar with the explosive devices, commonly made from nitrate-based explosives like fertilizer.

At least seven of its soldiers have already been killed by exploding homes this year. Six of them perished during one incident in January.

Ghost town

Martin and others sensed there could be trouble in Bya’a. When his troops arrived in their Stryker armored vehicles, Bya’a was a ghost town surrounded by a belt of roadside bombs.

As much as 60 percent of the village’s homes had signs of booby traps, including trip wires, crush wires, pressure plates and 55-gallon drums placed against buildings.

Martin, 31, of Sacramento, Calif., estimates that his unit has encountered about 50 house and roadside bombs in less than two weeks within his sector.

Though residents may someday return to Bya’a, it was deemed too dangerous to save many of the homes. Martin said the Iraqi government has taken ownership of the continuing issue of displaced Iraqis in Diyala by setting up restitution funds.

“This was unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” Martin said of the bomb-infested village. “It’s a complicated situation. [But] we’ve determined that saving houses did not outweigh the casualty risk.”

Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Montez, 31, of Denver, and his explosive-trained German shepherd, Britta, were ready to clear the village until his Army counterparts chose to use the F-16s to drop bombs instead.

“I’m pissed off that I’ve been out here for 13 hours and haven’t got to search,” said Montez, who just replaced a Marine dog handler injured in last week’s blast. “But at the same time, if it’s that bad it’s better to do what they’re doing.”

He then couldn’t resist the chance to poke fun at the Army.

“I always hear soldiers dogging the Air Force. But they sure are quick to call in close air support [from Air Force jets],” he said jokingly.

The bombing campaign was the first to be seen by Pfc. Jeremy Stevenson, a Palehorse troop medic.

“I think they should bomb the hell out of the place,” he said after a bomb exploded a half mile away, followed by a concussion wave. “If not, you’re just putting people’s lives in danger for no point.”

Im Back!

So I got a part time job as an exterminator (Pest Control) to supplement my income while I search for a career. I have been doing it for about 3 weeks along with the casino nights and home poker games I do alright.

So I decided to play a tourney at big dogs tonight. I get off of work at 4pm and decide to hang out at the mall and shop for my girlfriends b-day present until the tourney starts. I get there at around 7pm….

Just walking in here makes me queasy.
The brick walls. The fucking mopes at the tables.
The musty smell. I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea.

Not really I never really took a big loss but it has been a loooong time since I played there and I wanted to use that quote. LOL

I look around the place and they have downsized from 8 tables to only 5. they upped the tourney to $50 and eliminated the satellite system now everyone wins cash (no seats to a quarterly tourney for 1st). There was less then 20 players signed up but they are mostly good and/or aggressive player, not really many fish. It sucks there isn’t a lot of dead money but I prefer a smaller 1-3 table tourney and I like my chances. I get a terrible table/seat draw and am between 2 Lags on my left and but I have 1 Lag on my right. I get involved in an interesting hand early and it went like this.

The tourney is in the 2nd 15 min round we are 8 handed with blinds at 10/20 and stacks of T1700. 5 players limp and I look down at 9sTs in the BB so I check to see if I can flop big in a multiway pot. The flop is 9cTc3h I check UTG limper bets out 75 into the 100 pot everyone folds to me. I am heads up vs a LAG who underestimates hand values. I put him on Top pair or a possible flush draw. I decide to call to keep the pot small and give him rope to hang himself. the turn comes 5d. I check and he bets 150 into the 250 pot I decide he must have top pair and is scared I am on a flush draw. I decide to check call and keep the pot small. river is the Kd I check he bets 350 into the 550 pot I put him on either one, 2 pair or a missed flush draw. I call he tables Kh9h for a rivered 2 pair. I say you got lucky on the river he says bet your hand I think i played it right since i got him to put in 2 bets drawing to 3 outs. I may be wrong but I think the only other thing I could have done is check raised the turn…

After that here are a few hands I played all AK:

  • I raised preflop in position got 3 callers missed the flop and the BB leads out for 3 times the flop and i fold.
  • Raised in MP and got reraised by a TAG in position preflop and so I folded.
  • Raised from the SB after a few people limped in and I took down.

I was the short stack at the 50/100 level with 7 players left at each table. I have 900 I look down at AdAh and raise to 300 I get raised by the Button/big stack and it is folded around to me to auto call. I table my Aces see hiss 99. He misses the flop but a 9 peals off on the turn the river bricks and I am sent to the rail. It was a loose reraise but he was the monster big stack and I could be making that move with a big Ace or smaller pair so not a terrible play by the button.

I think I may play on Thursdays from now on maybe play the tourney and then maybe a cash game if it gets off and it is fishy.

So there is my welcome back to Big Dogs.

I'll see you when I see you.
Hey. At least you're rounding again, right?
You're gonna thank me for that someday.

LOL another quote I always wanted to use.