Eagle Pass

I decided to make a weekend trip out to Eagle Pass (2 hours west of San Antonio) and hang out with my friend Primo and go to Lucky Eagle Casino. So After I dealt on Friday at 4am I hit the road for the 3 hour trip to San Antonio. I talked to my friend on my way and got his new apt info. I show up at his place at around 7am but some of the houses didn’t have #s on them. I try call him with no luck. I think I know what door is his and he said he would leave the door unlocked so I turn the knob trying to be quiet, in case I am wrong and I don’t want to get shot. Nope it was locked I didn’t want to knock so early so I decide to sit in my car and keep calling and I took a 1-2 hour nap when there was no answer. I finally got him to answer at 9am and let me in. So I got freshened up changed and then we headed to the casino with his friend from work Mo.

We get to eagle pass in time to play in the 2pm $135 tourney. I didn’t really want to play in a tourney since I only had about $200 and wanted to play cash. But one of our friends from SA wanted a piece of our action if we made it in time for the tourney and i swapped 10% with Primo, so I figured why not. The structure looked ok and we got decent stacks. We started with $8000 with 15min blinds starting at $25/$50 and 30 players. This tourney was strange where we got to chose our table # and set when we signed up (most tourneys are random seat draw) so i took Table 1 Seat 3.

We started at 2pm and I decided to start tight and see how the players were at my table. By the 3rd hand I could tell who the novices were as they would min raise, over bet the pots and were unaware of many basic rules. I had a TAG player to my left and a LAG player to my right…just the way I want in a tourney. After I noticed a lot of limping and few big preflop raises I limped in with Ts9S from middle position. The blinds were $50/$100 and I had around $7000. There were 5 players to the flop of KsQs9h so i check to see If I can hit my spade or J for free but Primo’s friend bets $200 and I call. The turn is a Jd and I bet out $500t see if he will raise me also i don’t want to hit my flush now and it may be a scare card on the river. River is a blank and I bet $500 again and he calls with K7 and I pick up the pot.

A few hands later I pick up AA in the CO with the blinds at$100/$200 a LAG lady makes it $700 from early position a short stack reluctantly calls for $600 and is all in I have almost $10,000 so I make it $2500. The lady calls and I have her covered in chips. The flop is 4s5s7d she checks I go all in on the draw heavy board and she calls with pocket 9s the all in player shows Q8 and hist the gut shot 6h on the turn. Not a big deal i win the huge side pot if she doesn’t hit her 5 outer (3 8s for the straight or the 2 remaining 9s. River looks like a blank a 3d but wait that is a straight on the board and we still lose the main but split the side. WOW thanks dealer …LOL.

Many hands later we are at 2 tables I have moved all in preflop with QQ and won the blinds but no callers. I get short stacked when the blinds go up from $300/600 to $500/1000 and I am UTG with 66 7 handed so I go all in and I am called( by the lady from earlier who had 99 vs my AA) and she shows KJ and I win the coin flip. I don’t play a hand after that and we are soon down to the final table of 9.

I get to the final table with around 13000 and realize I need to outlast 5 players as the top 4 get paid. there are 2 major chip leaders at my table and 3 people shorter then me so i need to get some chips and outlast a few players including Primo’s friend Mo.

After about 5 hands we already lost 2 players and are down to 7 players 3 from the money. I steal when I can and I show my strong hands so people will respect my all ins. We get down to 6 when 3 players are all in including Mo who has the middle stack and KJ the short stack has JJ and the biggest stack has AA and wins. Thank you I am in the money but I am the short stack at about $15000. I move all in a few times and get may stack up to around $5000 and another player is eliminated. I am guaranteed at least 3rd but again I am still the short stack.

The 3 handed battle continues for a long time with me moving all in whenever i get a strong or a marginal hand. I showed a few bad small blind hands when I folded and Hands Like AQ when i moved all in on the BB. I did this to set up steals later. I tried to steal once and the BB started to flip his cards over and I thought he folded but I didn’t see he had chips in his other hand and called at the same time. I had mucked because I had Qs4h and didn’t want to show but when i saw he had A2. My cards were not in the muck and the floor saw the hand and agreed that it looked like he mucked and ruled that since my cards were retrievable the hand was live. I was a 60/40 dog but I was live and I hit 2 queens to win the controversial pot.

A few hands later the 2 chip leaders got it all in pre-flop with 99 vs TT and the tens flopped Quads and I was still the short stack. The next hand I was the BB the SB called and the flop was 5562Q checked till the river where he bet the min and I folded and he showed flopped quads again 55 WOW. Two hands later I have the button and A9 i go all in and he calls with AJ flops 2 pair and I am out in 3rd place $435/.

I Tip $35 $100 goes to my backer and 10% goes to Primo. I play some cash and lose about $50 and head back to SA still up for the trip. We look for a game in SA but no luck and we call it a night.


Omaha Hi-Lo

I spent Friday night dealing a small tourney and an 11 handed $3-$6-$12 Omaha Hi/Lo cash game. thats right an 11 handed games and you can do the math 4 cards to each player 3 burns and 5 board cards. By the river all I had was the burn card in my hand and usually a tip.

I dont mind dealing omaha if the tips per hour are good but 11 handed it takes longer to deal and the action in the hand takes longer, the always need change for the reds($5 chips), plus it is a split pot game so that takes time also.

Any way after dealing all night I made about $220 enough for my trip to the casino but I will talk about that in a bit.

After the game I talk to the game runner and suggest if they want to play limit omaha that the play $5-$10 it is more preflop flop and turn but actually less on the river (they always bet 12 on the river) so in a $5 – $10 if it is bet and called to the river (with no raises) the total cost is $30 in a $3$6$12 under the same situation would be $24. Also they have few white chips and it is alot easier to split a pot of reds then a pot of reds and many whites. Any way I think they are scared of change and doubt it will go forward but I can dream. Maybe I can talk them into playing $5 / $10 or even 2 tables of 5 and 6 players next time.

Bubble Out

I havent bought into a Tournament all year so I decided to play the $65 at Big Dogs on Wed. It is a 60 player tourney but you get $2700 and the blinds are 15min starting at 5/10.

I felt good and got there a little early to play some Big Deuce. I start heads up with Rusty and then finish 4 handed up $20. Not bad so I got a little of my tourney money back.

I start out pretty well in the tourney I get KK 3 times and even hit a set. I dont double up on these hands but I gain some chips. I misplay 2 hands later and lose most of those chips back. I have $1800 going when we get back from the break. I start to push when folded to me and when limper’s show weakness.

I get down to the final 2 tables but with 11 players left and top 6 getting paid I have 2bb and decide to push with Kd 7d. I see that the button wants to fold so I push and the SB wakes up with A9 flop is a 7 but the river brings a 9 bye chips. The final table is set and I am the final table bubble boy.

Oh well went home ate dinner and won a sit and go time to go to bed.


So  I havent blogged lately as I am not playing poker right now and most of my time is spent dealing home games or looking for a “Real ” Job. Since I am not playing now my only entertainment is playing Madden 2008 with my roommate Rusty. Rusty is an OK player he makes a lot of bad passes but gets rewarded by the computer. He also gets lucky when my team fumbles every other play. But when he is not getting lucky and skill takes over I beat his butt and controllers pay dearly as seen bellow.  More Madden and other updates to Come….

Rustys Controller