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The Scotty Ngyen Poker classic is here again at Cherokee Casino in Tulsa. Before I quit dealing I was planning on going to play in a few tourneys up there. I had A job interview on Wed night so I couldn’t drive up until 10pm..yeah and it is a 8+ hour drive. So I head off at 10pm and get to a small town 1-hr away at 4am when I go from the 75-mph Indian Parkway to a 35-mph town. I see a cop car going the opposite way when I notice I am going 45 so i take my foot off the gas but it is too late and I am getting pulled over. Well my insurance card is expired, my registration is past and I am speeding. Luckily he doesn’t look at my registration, he lets me go on my exp ins and he gives me a written warning on my speeding. I must be running good so I drive on, very slowly, to the casino.

I get there grab some breakfast and a power nap while Rusty and Kelley play in a tournament. Rusty has been there since Monday and Kelley got there last night so they are well rested and poised to go deep in the tourney. But instead of going deep they are back in the room ready to get lunch. I go downstairs and I am deciding weather to play cash before the 6pm tourney or play a Single table tourney.

I decide to play an $75+$10 entry winner takes all tourney. I play a few hands then pick up QQ. The blinds are 25/50 and I have 1500 there is a middle position raise to 150 one call the I make it 400 and get 2 callers. Pot is 1200+ flop is 367 rainbow check check I move in for 1100. 1st player folds 2nd player thinks for a long time and says I have a lot of outs I call. He shows 3h4h for bottom pair a gut shot and a back door flush draw. the turn is a Kh and I know i lost the hand before the final heart is turned. Thanks Donkey. So I head to the cash game area to kill some time. I win a pot with AK and I cash out an hour later up $85. I buy into the $110 tourney that has 360 players.

ok poker

We start with $2500 and 30 min blinds starting at 25/50. a few hands in I look over at Rustys table and he is all in vs 2 other players and his Q9 loses to AA. Bye partner. I double up a few hands later and have about 5000 when this hand comes up. The blinds are 100/200 I have KT in the BB when 2 players limp then the SB minraises to 400 I call both players call. Flop is KhQsTh SB beats out 1000 before i have a chance to act the player to my left calls the 1000. I put him on a strait or a flush draw and decide the bettor may just have 1pr and fold to a big bet. So I move in for 4400. Both players call and the turn is the 9h worst card ever. river is a blank and the winner of the pot had KJo and made his strait. I am out and head to the rail with Rusty.

Rusty and I decide to drink and play 2/4 limit. we sit and the table is wild as expected with low limit holdem. I win one big pot when I hit a set of 7s on the flop and get 4 callers to the river raising on every street. Rusty plays every pot and is down $200 after jamming every pot he is in. I play a while longer then cash out up $100 and head to the bar to drink with rusty.

I walk rustys drunk ass back to the room at 2am tuck him in and go back down to play a drunk $45 SNG. I get in the last one of the night and get all my money in with 99 vs 24, KJ and AJ flop is 377 turn is a K and the river is the 9h..Thank You. that is the only pot i win but the player to my right takes out 2 players and we get it heads up. but the blinds are 200/400 I have 1500 he has 13500 9/1 chip lead I ask for $50 and he would get $300 he says no so I look down at AJ he says All in I call and I double up to 3000 now I am down 3000/12000 4/1 I offer to go away for $100 and he would get $250 and he accepts and I call it a night at 4am.

The next day I head down with the guys to watch them play in the $330 tourney. I Decide to play cash instead. I get a seat at a $1/$2 game and I am there 15min when this hand comes up. I have 77 in middle position. UTG limps I call 4 more callers then the BB raises to $17 everyone including me calls. Pot is about $100 flop is 579 rainbow BB beats out $40 UTG calls I think the BB has a big over pair so I re-raise to $140 hoping he will get it all in there. he thinks for a while then folds to the other player who says I am all in. I only have another $50 behind so I call. He shows 4s6h for the nut strait. Wow a 2 and a K on the river and I lose $200. I call it a day I decide to head to the room to sleep and then drive back to Houston.