Poker Cartel

So I am chilling last Thursday when I get a call from Tony…He asks me to play in a game for him and says I put up $300 he will stake me $300 and we will split the winnings…I tell him to call me back if he really cant find anyone to play.

The reason he needs someone to play is that he is involved in a poker cartel between 5 poker rooms that requires them start playing in the others players games until the game fills up.

Anyways i get the call back saying he cant find anyone and that he will stake me $500 for 1/2 my winnings…

I agree and head down to the Legion to play. I get there and there is a tourney going on but no cash game. I see 3 players sitting at a cash table and they say they will start once they have 1 more player.

We get our 5th player and I get $500 from Dewey, in Tonys name of course, and start to play. I am short stack as everyone else started with a dime, $1000, but I am a good short stack player. The table is eventually 9 handed with a list.

I play a few hands since there is a lot of limping and small, $25, Pre flop raises. I never get involved in a huge pot but there are a lot. I lose a small one win a small one staying at a little below $500 all night, when this hand comes up.

I get 44 on the button and there are 4 limpers I call SB and BB call. The flop is AA4 rainbow. Jackpot small boat vs 6 players someone has to have an Ace right? checked to Dewey, Lag player, in the CO so I decide to call and pop it on the turn. but the BB makes it $150 and Dewey folds. I think i found my Ace no need to slow play I think for a minute like I have a weak Kicker then I go all in for another $180. The BB thinks for a long time then calls. I think he has an Ace so I think it is going to be runner Runner 8s or something to beat me..oh wait he has KK wow i just need to dodge a K or that Ace on the Turn…Thanks 4 for the $50000 bad beat Jackpot…Nope blank and I am sent home. nice call donk what did he put me on pocket 55-QQ or a bluff.

Oh well I played well got a Bad Beat…Thats Poker.


Going legit…

“The truth is, I can always find games to deal , though. Easy games, tough games, straight games, crooked games, home games. But I’ve made promises. ”
After the Recent busts in the Houston area and the charges being raised from misdemeanor to felony…I have decided to walk away from the game for now. I have not only decided not to deal but I am not even going to play in most Houston clubs for a while. So now I am going legit looking for a real job/career where that takes me?…. we will see what happens you have to play the cards you are dealt.


Houston SWAT team busts illegal poker room
October 8th, 2007 by poker kid

It’s beginning to look like the Houston police are copying their Dallas cousins. A few months ago, the internet was awash with stories about the Dallas SWAT team busting illegal poker games, knocking down doors, and scaring the bejeesus out of poker players who don’t represent a threat to anyone—especially not to law enforcement.
Last Wednesday the The Houston Police Department’s Vice Division, accompanied by the SWAT team, raided an illegal poker game at The Palms Poker Room. Thirteen people were arrested, including game organizers and even dealers. While none of the players were arrested, several were given subpoenas to appear in court. The Houston Vice Division also confiscated all the cash on the premises.
It looks like the police will lean heavily on players to testify against the dealers and management of the poker room.
If this is anything like Dallas, it also looks like this will be the first in a series of poker room raids and arrests.
Here is another police event that provides no public safety, wastes valuable police resources, and while it might make good news footage for TV, accomplishes absolutely nothing of value and provides nothing of benefit to anyone. Unfortunatley, this is probably just a little taste of things to come and if you’re a Houston poker player, it’s probably time to play online—at least until the heat dies down.
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