The Princess Bride

So this weekend I went to a wedding in San Antonio…A wedding in a castle…thats right a castle. I went to a friends wedding that was taking place at Castle Avalon just north of SA. We got there on Friday for the rehearsal dinner and to fortify the front gate from wedding day attacks.

We had to wait a bit because Frodo was running late with the ring. So with the rehearsal out of the way we head to the Grissmill down the road for the rehearsal dinner.

The next day we got up early to head out to the castle to check into our room. I was in a room called the Gathering abut it should be called the fairy room since all the walls were covered with naked little fairy’s in a forest.

So I get dressed in my best suit of armor and head to the ceremony that is out in the courtyard. thee The ceremony was quick and that may be in part to the fact that they skipped the you may kiss the bride part. The female reverend also said “what god has put together let no man celebrate (instead of separate)”.

We then proceeded to the reception where the grooms cake was a 3D dragon. We ended the night hanging out in the other peoples rooms, jumping from the princess room, to the kings room and eventually ending in the Queen Guenivere’s room. All and all the night went well no Dragon attacks or raiding hoards of barbarians.


The Beast

beast 2
beast 3

Expensive Lesson

I get to big dogs to be the Tourney Director for the Wed tourney. I hate being the TD because I only get paid $75 for 4 hours of work and miss time dealing cash so this is a neg EV day for me. I get the tourney started and the cash game from Tuesday night is still going on while the 9 table tourney gets started.

Tony is running around still crunching #s from the weeks take. SO I sit in his seat in the $5/$5 game. I look at a few hands and fold. I look down and I get KK in middle position and decide I can win him a pot. I raise to $30 and get 5 callers. on the flop I bet $50 om a Q54 rainbow board and get 1 caller. I check the turn when a 9 comes off and the LAG player bets $125 I call trying to keep the pot small. The river is a blank and he goes all in for $275. He makes a comment that I shouldn’t lose Tony’s money so I think he is bulling me so I make the call. He shows 55 for a flopped set. Nice Hand!!!

The way it works is if you play someones chips you have to pay them back, So I am out $500. I was thinking about it all that night even if I win that pot there is no guarantees he would give me any of that $ and by me playing and dealing even if I win I am pissing off potential tippers.

So my new policy is I play my chips and only my chips if someone is not in their seat i will look at their hands but muck all hands even AA. It was an expensive lesson but from now on the only money I gamble is my own.

STT with Re-buys

Last Sat I was invited to a Bi-monthly home tourney. I have dealt this tourney a few times and know the pots are big and the play is bad. the problem is the 1st tourney is $150+10 and the 2nd is $175 +$100 w/rebuys . so this game could cost me $500+. I decide to get a backer for half my action.

I get to the game and it is 10 handed for the $160 freeze out. I play tight early and pick up AQ in the SB and limp the flop is Q36 rainbow I decide to check and see what happens. Doc bets half the pot i call the turn is a 6 and i check raise all in and doc calls. he then shows i have 2 outs…off Q on the river. keep playing 6T donkey.

Once I get a chip lead I begin to push more pots and steal blinds from the tight players. I get caught once with Kh9h but still have a coin flip  against 44 and hit my K. I get heads up with David C after he takes out the 3rd player and we decide to chop the 1500 pot. I

take my $750 give the dealer $90 and get ready for the next tourney.

The next tourney I go card dead but I never have to rebuy. the best hand I get durring the rebuy period is 99. I make it to the break and do a $100 add on for 1500 in chips doubling my stack to 3000 the average rebuy/add on was 3 so I am below the average chip count of 4500. I finally pick up AQ at the 200-400 level push and I am called by 99 I do not improve and I am out.

David C ends up sucking out later and eventually wins the 2nd tourney also. I have $380 when all was said and done and I believe I played well in both tourneys.

Big Dogs $250

After 3 months of regular tourneys/Satellites the Big Dogs Big Tourney AKA the $250 is upon us. I cashed in the 2 tourneys I was able to play in at Big Dogs this Quarter and I sold one seat for $300. SO I am in the Tourney for $200. I get there early for the dealer meeting and afterwards

sit in the $1/3 game with $120. I play TAG and get all my money in with AhQh vs 3 people on a board of JhTh9s. I catch my nut flush on the turn and I am free rolling for the royal draw but it is a brick on the river. I play a few more pots and have one pot where I get it all in with 2 black Aces on a board of KsQsJs I pick up the side pot on the flop and I am heads up for the main vs 2 red fives but lose the main when the turn pairs the J and the river is a 5s. I decide to cash out at $240 with a Profit of $120 double my buy in.

I draw my seat for the tourney after I down a redbull and get ready to play.
Oh great I am seated to the left of Tony LA. i know if I can out flop him i can get all his chips but I also know I am not getting alot of cheep flops. I do end up getting some cheep flops early with small pairs and suited connecters but I cant get  a set or a big hand to get agressive with. I do flop a K high flush and I bet the whole way getting a a good pot from an A high drawer. But later I lose that by calling a push from an unknown player who goes crazy with some K9 and catches his K vs my pocket Jacks. I go a little on tilt and proceed to push 3 hands in a row. I have AJ the 1st 2 and then I pick up JJ again and this time I get called by A9 but my Jacks hold up and I am back in it.

The blind increase 200/400  I have 3,500when I get AK in the SB. It is folded to me and I push vs tony he thinks for a long time and the longer he thinks the more I know I have heim dominated. He finally makes a call with Ah9h and he has me covered by 300.  The flop is 3JJ turn is a J and the river gives Tony his 9 and sends me to the rail. I knew Tony would knock me out but that was dirty. Tony soon moved tables and went on a run finishing 5th. I went to the cash games and  played for a few hours breaking even and calling it a night.


Like I thought the Bad Beat Jackpot was voided. They had reviewed the tape and saw that Cowboy Roy mucked his losing pocket Tens face down. Then Rusty pushed them into the muck pile and then a other player retrieved them from the muck. Boo we got a bad beat on the bad beat oh well I am out $300 but the biggest losers are Roy, DR Duke and Rusty.

So I am a bit down getting ready to deal but I head in to do my job. I have a pretty good night make money dealing and playing Big Deuce and no real problems at the tables. But Rusty  Adds to his Jackpot Debacle by mis dealing a Flop, Dealing a straddle 3 cards and  a couple of other minor dealer errors.

To end the night I heard Rusty yell “floor!” and I came over to see what was going on the board was out and they were betting on the river there was a bet of $20 and then a raise to $100 on a $200 pot when this drunk guy says Does a flush beat a boat? rusty answers no and he says then I am all in…Just kidding.

The drunk guy, who was in the game for a bundle, was acting A fool asking for more beer and wanting to arm wrestle. The other players allowed him to put in $25 and muck his Ten high missed flush draw. and Big E shows a boat. What a nice move by E but what is he doing saying I am all in Just kidding. I say call…Ship it….Just kidding.

Jackpot! Jackpot?

Another session at bigdogs….I get there at around 9pm after I stop by Sams Boat for the local monthly TKE Alumni meet up. I get there and the game is 9 handed leaving 1 seat open for me. I assume the low turnout is due to the holiday yesterday and the rainy weather. I play for about 1 hour pick up AK raise get 4 callers. I choose to continuation bet ,in position, when checked to me on a rag flop. I get a caller who bets out the turn and I fold down $50 for my 1st hand played.

High StakesA few high rollers come in and most of the players move to the other table to play some $5/$5. Duke says he is going to stay at our table but decides to borrow $300 and take Tonys seat in the big game. Tony comes to our table and begins playing balancing the tables at 8 and 7.

About 30 min go buy and I hear a player say “do you have Pocket Tens ” from the other table. I then hear a commotion as they flip his cards up and they yell out jackpot. Our game stops mid hand as the players leap from their seats and surround the table.I wasn’t that excited because a lot of people joke about hitting it and also it was hit a couple weeks ago so it was only around 17k now.

I walk over look at the board and see that Dr. Duke had AQ and Cowboy Roy had TT and the board was AAA83 a qualifying scenario’s. the 2 hands are verified and the deck is checked to make sure all the cards are there. while they are verifying the deck and the situation a possible problem comes up did Cowboy Roy muck his Tens when he saw the Quad Aces beat him? The floor confirmed that both hands were live and began to write every ones name down.

We had 15 players at the 2 tables…The winning hand AQ Dr. Duke who gets 25%(4k+), the losing hand Cowboy who gets 50% (8k+) and the 13 other players who get to divide the other 25% ($4k/13 =$328 each). The dealer Rusty should also be getting some good tips around 5-10% of the jackpot so should be around $1000.

We are going to collect our shares tomorrow so we will see if the jackpot holds up on tape…Rusty was the dealer and is known for dealing non qualifying bad beats but this one might make all parties involved extremely happy or extremely mad.

I played for a few more hours and then left when the game was down to 4 players. I had $130 left from my $200 buy in but I could be getting $328 so overall I had a winning night. I went to the gym then called it a night.