Lone Star Card House Poker Room Review

It has been a while since I played Poker outside of a few home games. I was driving home from work a few weeks ago and heard an interview on the Radio with a local poker club that was about to open in Clear Lake. I looked into it a little but had not made up my mind if I wanted to drive that far to check it out. I was talking about it at a home game and one of the players said there was one opening in Conroe. He gave me the website and FB page and I started looking into that one. I mentioned it to a few of my friends and 2 of them went with me to check it out last weekend. The website says they Charge a Membership fee ($10 per day) and an hourly seat rental charge ($9 an Hour) but since they just opened they are doing a $25 daily membership fee and no seat rental fee. I also got a free day for bringing 2 new players. I ended up playing the $100 tourney (10 Players) and some $1/2 NL cash game (7 Players). I also played last night the Tourney drew 20 players. Based on my 2 sessions below is my review and ratings on the room thus far….

Rating scale green_lrg-10white_lrg-07white_lrg-07white_lrg-07white_lrg-07 to green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10

Number Of Tables and amenities: green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10white_lrg-07
There are 5 tables and room to expand to 10 from the looks of the space. Chairs are comfy and chips and tables are nice, clean and new (as to be expected from a new room) Tournament chips are very nice clay chips. Only has 1 unisex bathroom that may be an issue when they get bigger. They do serve free chips, soft drinks coffee and water but no food or alcohol.

Game Spreads And Limits: green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10white_lrg-07
They have no-limit holdem at $1-$2 Buy ins $50 – $300. You can straddle under the gun for $4 and double and triple straddle. Games currently run Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Tournaments: green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10white_lrg-07white_lrg-07
I think the buy in amounts are good for the area and the start times are good as well. The payout is top heavy and with no rake the pot is very large.LSCH Blinds

Thursday 8pm $50

Saturday 4pm $50

Saturday 7pm $100


I am kind of a tournament structure nit (not as much as Chainsaw) but I do think structure is important. That being said this structure is terrible. You start with 15k in chips if you get the 5k bonus chip. But the blinds start at 100/200 and the 1st level is 20 minutes . This is where it gets strange (see chart above) the next level is 200/400 and 19 minutes then 400/800 and 18 minutes. They then color up the 100’s. Then they go to 500/1000 and 17min then do another color up of the 500’s. Then the next level is 1k/2k 16 min, ect. I prefer a consistent 20 or 15 minute levels and smaller jumps. I would suggest adding at least a 300/600 level.


How Good Are The Players: green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10white_lrg-07
Players seemed to range from beginner to average. Sure, there are some good players, but for the most part, this is a very weak room with a lot of callers to see the flop and some who will hang on with Ace high.

Dealers: green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10white_lrg-07white_lrg-07
Out of my 2 visits I had 3 different dealers and I rated them as a whole. Some issues I had can be fixed with training but there were many basic errors. This is a problem I see with a non tipping set up, there is no motivation to deal a lot of hands and get better to increase tips.

Management: green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10white_lrg-07white_lrg-07
The game runners and management seemed nice and would listen to player recommendations. They also seemed like they were trustworthy and were trying to follow all the rules as grey as they may be but that is a discussion for another time.

Overall Rating: green_lrg-10green_lrg-10green_lrg-10white_lrg-07white_lrg-07
Overall this is a new room and it will take some time to build a player base. I think they have the foundation they just need to work on a few items and this could be the best room in Houston. I hope so as they are 30 minutes from me and I hope this Poker Club model takes off in Texas.







by: WSOP.com Staff

TUNICA, MS. – Jim Mink is the winner of Ring Event #7, $345 buy-in H.O.R.S.E. at Harrah’s Tunica. Mink works as an oilfield consultant in his hometown of Houston, TX.

Since his first major tournament cash at a final table here at Harrah’s Tunica back in 2007, Mink has been drilling the Circuit, searching for that first victory. It would take three years and as many final tables for him to finally reach WSOPC black gold, but Mink, who works in one of the most high-risk/high-reward industries in the world, knows all too well about what they say about something worth having.

76 players entered in the Superbowl-Sunday start event at Harrah’s Tunica and generated a total prize pool of $22,116. The tournament was originally scheduled to go two days, but the final nine players agreed to play it out for the $6,983 first place prize, the gold ring and 50 points toward the Circuit National Championship. The elimination of the money bubble in ninth marked the start of the official final table with Mink near the top of the leader board.

Jim Mink

While the final table of ring event #6 ($555 buy-in NLH) was still in its middle stages, final table play of the H.O.R.S.E. event began at 6:25pm with the eight mixed game finalists each with their eye on a Circuit win.

Play began in the hold’em round with blinds at 3,000/6,000 and limits of 6,000/12,000. Stephen Winkez saw an early exit in that round after running A-K into David Perkins’ pocket aces. In his third major live tournament cash, the Germantown, TN resident took home $820.

Perkins was in turn eliminated in the stud round after moving the rest of his chips all-in on fourth street with 3x-Jx-Ac-Kx against what appeared to be a benign hand in front of Christopher Wolfe X-X-playing card: 9c-playing card: 4d. Wolfe was far ahead than Perkins knew however, calling and revealing his two down cards – playing card: 9splaying card: 9d. Blanks through the final street were dealt to both players and Perkins, a 29-year-old poker player from Kansas City, KS was eliminated. He earned $950 for seventh.

In the same round, Shane Paxton was eliminated in sixth place, worth $1,154, after losing a hand all-in on fifth street against Jim Mink. Mink’s trip sixes beat Paxton’s tens and his day was finished. Paxton is a 28-year-old former hospitality manager turned poker player from Greenfield, IA. He is a veteran of the 82nd airborne infantry division who began playing poker back in 2000.

Josh Palmer, a former insurance salesman turned pro was eliminated in fifth place after three-betting all-in playing card: Asplaying card: 7c to Wolfe in the hold’em round. Wolfe was behind on a queen-high flop with his playing card: Khplaying card: 4d, but turned a king and stayed ahead after the playing card: 3c hit the river. Palmer took home $1,475.

With antes and bring ins of 2,000/4,000 the razz level saw two more players hit the rail. Scott Carlson was the first to exit after he was unable to pick up a fifth non-pairing low card to go along with his playing card: Asplaying card: 5dplaying card: 3cplaying card: 6h in an all-in against Mink. Carlson’s Ace to jack was no good against Mink’s A-8 low and Carlson, a senior writer for rakeback.com headed off to pick up $1,991 for 4th.

Wolfe was eliminated in 3rd place in an all-in with 7x-3x-10x. The resulting hand was an A-10 low which was trumped by Jeff Welch’s A-9 low hand. Wolfe earned $2,844 for third.

Heads-up play between Mink and Welch began at 1:35 am. Mink was down to a 2-1 chip deficit against Welch, but played masterfully during the one on one matchup to pull even in chips before surging to a dominating lead. With his opponent down to a few big blinds in the Omaha 8 round, Mink managed to scoop the final hand with playing card: 4d[playing card: 2cplaying card: 5splaying card: 5c. For his runner up finish, Welch pocketed $4,321.

Mink, who had numerous final table finishes, including a runner-up finish in last year’s event here at Tunica was more than happy to finally claim victory at the WSOPC along with a modest first place prize of $6,983.

Mink said after his win that because of his profession, he doesn’t get a chance to play all that often and that it was “a thrill” to finally take one down.

Still to come are 25 events and 2 ring events. See the complete Harrah’s Tunica Circuit schedule and previous results here. The WSOP Circuit at Tunica runs through February 15th. You can find the complete 2010/2011 WSOP CIRCUIT SCHEDULE here.


Pre game poker…

We had 14 players for the Super Bowl eve poker tournament. Chavo went all out clearing out his garage and turning it into a poker room. He also rented a margarita machine and players chipped in for the food and drinks. The action started out fast as we had a rebuy at table one on the first hand! It settled down a bit but when we got to the break, we had 15 rebuys and 13 add-ons making the prize pool $840. After the break we quickly got down to 12 but were stuck at 2 tables for a while until 2 players went out on the same hand.

At the final table, we were all pretty even until boss went on a run and moved all in 3 hands in a row. the next hand with blinds 500/1000 Chavo raised to 3k boss went all in for 20k on the button Chavo called for less with KQ ,thinking Boss was full of it, but he had a real hand AK and Chavo was out. A few hands later on a board of 345 Ortego bet out flounder re-raised Ortego re-raised flounder went all in and Ortego snap called. Flounder showed A2 for the flopped wheel but Ortego had 67 for the flopped nut straight and flounder was crippled. A few hands later flounder was out and then we were down to 4 and at the money bubble. Morgan was the short stack but he would not go away at one point he was down to 2500 with blinds of 1000/2000 and he tripled up. Four handed lasted a few levels until Vinnie moved in on the button with 99 and was called by Ortegos 55 the 9s held up and Ortego was out on the bubble.

Three handed went a little faster as Morgan was still short and made a min raise all in from the sb with 33 and Vinnie called from the bb with 6h9h. The flop was Ks3cTh for a flopped set but Vinnie said all I need is runner runner hearts. The dealer (Britney) obliged by turning Qh Jh for the rivered flush and we were down to heads up. With almost even stacks and players ready to play cash Boss and Vinnie chopped the money.

We started a full cash game of $1/$1 no limit. Chavo started off winning every other hand and was up from $25 to $125 in a flash. But like Farve he could not finish as he ran into flounder who beat him in 2 huge pots. The 1st was a board of QQ3 Chavo had Q6 and flounder out kicked him with Q9 and a few hands later Chavo and flounder got into a pre flop raising war and firing back and forth and when the dust cleared they were both all in and Chavo’s QQ was dominated by Flounder’s KK. Chavo was busto and contemplated retirement from poker while crying in the Viking room.

The False Analogy: Car vs. Health

A few weeks ago I had this same discussion with my wife so I felt I had to repost this when I heard it on the radio today….


RUSH:  Ten days ago on a spectacular edition of Open Line Friday, I said to each of you — in response to a question I got and continue to get from many people, “What can we do, Rush? What can we do?” — be the one in your family who is the go-to person when somebody needs a political answer.  If somebody needs a political answer, you be the go-to guy — and let me tell you how you become the go-to guy: The Heritage Foundation, me, and Mark Levin’s books.  Television is not going to help you be a go-to guy.  It’s too sound bite-oriented. It’s too brief. It’s not nuanced and detailed enough.  I got an e-mail, as I mentioned to you, over the weekend.

“Good morning, sir.  We were having a discussion last night about Obamacare with a few dinner guests.  We are your age.  One of our guests, who is 24, insisted that since the government requires citizens to have car insurance before allowing them to register a car, then we should have no problem with the government requiring citizens to have health insurance.  What would be your reply?” I wrote her back:  “It is state governments which require everyone with a driver’s license to have auto insurance.  If you own a car but do not drive — in other words, you have a driver — you must be insured.  If you don’t own a car and you don’t have a driver’s license, you do not have to have auto insurance.

“And even if you break auto insurance laws, you do not go to jail for it.  But in both the House and Senate bills, if you do not buy health insurance, you can be imprisoned for five years.  Automobile insurance is purchased not to protect you, the buyer.  Auto insurance is to provide for your victim should you ever cause an accident.  Health insurance is the opposite.  It is to protect the buyer from catastrophic loss brought on by illness or accident.  Health insurance is, thus, in no way analogous to auto insurance because health insurance is purchased to insure the buyer against his own catastrophic loss brought on by major illness or accident.  You do not buy health insurance to provide for others.  You buy it for yourself.

“Can you actually insure your health?  Does health insurance insure your health?  It cannot possibly do so.  Health insurance cannot possibly insure your health.  In fact, health care insurance (formerly called” medical insurance”) is merely an instrument of neutralizing risk.  Financial risk, that is; not health risks.  You cannot insure your health.  It was brought about by a need to insure a family’s assets against a dread disease requiring care so expensive it could wipe that family out financially.  As a strictly financial planning endeavor the issue never seemed to be discussed in terms of being a right or in terms of compassion, but medical insurance, as a component of financial planning, has morphed into health care as a right for everyone in the new political parlance.  But it’s not about health.  Health insurance is not about health.  You can’t insure your health.

“Most important of all,” I wrote back, “it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate that a citizen buy anything, much less put them in jail for failing to do so.  What the hell is your 24-year-old guest thinking?  Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government permitted to mandate that citizens buy X.  The Constitution limits government!  Its whole purpose is to define what government cannot do to citizens.  Read the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments: The Constitution specifically limits government power and always sides with the freedom and liberty of the people.  Your 24-year-old guest has been ill educated, defrauded by his schools, otherwise he wouldn’t hold the view that government has the power to require all of this.

“Had he been properly educated he would understand the concepts of federalism and states’ rights and thus would never take the position that he took at your dinner party.  He would be robustly and adamantly opposed to all of this. The Founders feared just this type of power being amassed in Washington, and wrote the Constitution to prevent it and to protect us from fellow idiot citizens electing morons like Barack Obama.  When the Constitution is violated (as it is with federal mandates on health care), someone must challenge it in court, eventually getting the case to the Supreme Court.  If this does not happen, or if the people do not openly revolt over this, then the Constitution is weakened, its original purpose diluted and destroyed. Individual freedom and liberty is lost.

“Other than that, everything’s hunky-dory.”


RUSH:  Let me ask you a question: “Why don’t we have the government make everybody buy life insurance, folks?”  That way nobody would die, at least by the other side’s reasoning — and isn’t life more important than health?  You can’t get health without life, right?  So why don’t they require everybody to buy life insurance?  Doesn’t dying without life insurance cause more hardship than getting sick and running up a large bill?  And why would it take 2,000 pages to make us buy life insurance? (interruption) I’m not giving them any ideas, Snerdley.  They could think of more disastrous stuff than I could in a day.



Chavos Tourney Recap 9/12/09

Chavo ran another tournament on Saturday night. There was a scheduling issue and Chavo had to move his game up and give everyone short notice. Because of the short notice, there was a big group of players that had already planned another tournament and could not come. Even with that, we had 16 players to start the tourney and almost got up to 17. One of the players girlfriends said she was going to play but thought there would be more women. Not sure if she realized it but out of the 16 players and 4 were women. We set records last month with 17 players and a prize pool over $1,000 but with the short notice this time, we lacked the wild rebuy period. We still managed 13 rebuys (3 from Chavo) and 14 add-ons for a prize pool of $860.

After the break, three of the four ladies at my table decided to play a huge pot. Tiffany raised Britney and another lady in the SB called. The flop was AA7 and Tiffany bet again Britney called and so did the other lady. The turn was a 4 and Tiffany bet Britney went all in and the older lady called as well as Tiffany. The river was 4 making the board read AA744 and the lady in the SB went all in, was called and showed AQ for a full house. Britney showed pocket 7s for a flopped full house and Tiffany flipped over pocket 4s for quads to win the pot. Tiffany scooped a huge pot eliminated 2 players and began to jump up and down in celebration. After that pot Tiffany was the chip leader and used it effectively to eliminate a few players and coast into the final table.

wsop chips

At the final table, most of us were short stacks due to Tiffany having all the chips, we had a lot of all ins and calls. And we were quickly down to 5 players with Nick and Tiffany holding 80% of the chips. With blinds at 1000/2000 Nick had made it 4000 and Tiffany reraised to 9000 I had exactly 9000 and I was in the BB with AK I thought for a long time hoping they both had a pair I called and nick called. Nick had 99 and Tiffany had 88, the board ran out all low cards and a K and I won a big pot to stay alive. A few hands later, on the bubble, the big stacks collided and nick was all in with 99 vs Tiffany’s A7. The board ran out Q2JJQ to counterfeit Nick’s pair and give Tiffany a commanding chip lead.

Tiffany had about 100,000 and Phillip, Tammy, Padilla and I had about 20,000 each. I picked up a pair of 6s in the BB vs Tiffany’s J9 and won the race to double up. A few hands later, the blinds got very high and Padilla was forced all in and was out in 4th place. We were down to 3 the two ladies and my self. A two-on-one, A manage trios of pain…you usually have to pay double for that Cotton.

Three handed I was the chip leader and I picked up AA on the button and raised Tammy pushed all in from the SB with JJ and I called and Tammy was out in 3rd. Heads up lasted a a few hands but it all came to an end when Tiffany pushed with K9 and I called with AJ. She hit her K on the flop but I caught up with an Ace on the Turn the river was a blank and I won the tournament.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Happy 4th of July, America


The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Chavos Tourney Recap

Primo came in from SA and he played while I worked Friday night. He ended upo coming in 4th and winning a little money. We left Houston at around 1am and headed towards Beaumont with some money in our pockets…

The tournament was set up and ready to go at 5pm and we actually got started at around 5:45pm. We had 12 players (2 tables of 6) and we decided to have a set dealer but have the big blind shuffle a 2nd deck to keep the game moving. We also implemented a new rebuy rule where you could rebuy as soon as long as you were below the starting stack. (used to be you had to be broke)

The action was fast from the get go at my table and we had  2 rebuys in the 1st 5 minutes. it setled down for a while then we had a hand where 3 players were all in andthe hands were AA 78 and AJ on a A3868 board and we had 2 more rebuys. after that we got within 2 minutes of the break and 1 player decided to move in blind till the break. he was called by Boss with a short stack and boss doubled up. At the break everyone added on and the all together we had 8 rebuys and 12 add ons.

after the break we quickly lost 2 at the 2nd table and were down to the final table. At the final table the short stacks started to move Jason moved in a few times and had no callers and was slowly staying alive. Boss was the 1st casualty when he made a move with a flush draw and ran into Tammys middle pair. 2 short stacks were eliminated in race situations and then Primo Doubled up another short stack when he lost a race on the river.


Primo and Charles saw a flop and on a board of Ts2d6dAd charles moved all in with a set of dueces and Primo called with the 2nd nut flush…But the board paired on the river and Primo was out in 7th and Charles was a monster chip leader…IMG00181

Boss and Primo got the side game going as the rest of us played on. Chavo strated to push as he got short but didn’t get any action until his  TT ran into Morgans QQ.  Jason tried to make a move with T8 but ran into a hand was out and we were down to 4 .

Charles had about 60K and Morgan, Tammy and I had 20K.  i started to pick up some hands and I doubled up with my AK vs Charles QT when the flop came down Q66 i thought I was done but the turn gave me the A and the pot.

Charles and Tammy got into a huge hand and Charles was crippled to less then a BB and was eliminated the next hand. down to 3 Moorgan pushed all in from the SB with AJ and I called in the BB with AK and Morgan was out in 3rd.

Tammy and I played heads up for about 30 minutes moving chips back and forth. I had a chip lead and she pushed for 3BB with 55 and I called with K7 and it was a race. I hit my 7 on the flop to win the hand and the tournament.

This was the 1st  time I had won this tournament (chopped 1st once and I have a 3rd)

I then headed over to the $1/$1 cash game where I watched Primo give money to Chavo and Boss. Jason won a bit earlier but he was cashing out when I sat down. we played cash till about 4am and I ended up 1 little but Chavo and Boss were big winners up $100+ each.